Miracle properties of natural oils



Over the years, vegetable oils have become a part of our diet. The culture of proper nutrition has replaced mayonnaise with oil, which is ten times more useful. A large number of articles and books have already been written about this benefit, and I would like to learn interesting and unusual facts about vegetable oil, something that has not been discussed before. In our article, we want to cite some of them!

A healthy lifestyle is an integral part of a person. To feel good, we must monitor what we eat every day, proper nutrition is not a ban, it is, on the contrary, a set of foods that will help improve our condition.


The main thing is to choose the right ingredients. A healthy diet is the key to the proper functioning of all systems of our body. The main thing depends on balanced food and vitamins and trace elements included in the diet-our health as a whole! With improper or inadequate nutrition, we risk acquiring a number of chronic diseases. Vegetable oil will help you, when you use it, the body is saturated with all the useful elements that are so necessary for the human body.

Beauty Recipes

Чудо-свойства натуральных масел

Our ancestors knew many recipes for health and beauty, they used vegetable oil for both food and cosmetic purposes. For cooking, we use a variety of oils: sesame, apricot, garlic, rice, cedar, sea buckthorn, mustard, linseed, pumpkin, grape seed and walnut. They are useful and easily applicable to the daily diet. Each of these oils has its own history, its own production method, and its own sphere of use. After all, many oils are used not only for nutrition, but also for cosmetic purposes. 

For example, sesame oil is used for cooking, as well as in cosmetology. But few people know that there is a myth about the Assyrian gods, who for inspiration before the creation of the world drank” wine ” from sesame. It did them good and cleared their minds. Also, 100 g of sesame contains a daily norm of calcium.

But flaxseed oil was used even 6000 thousand years ago. In ancient Egypt, queens used it to care for their appearance, applied to the body instead of cream. In our ancestors, flaxseed oil was considered a staple food, and it was also used for medical purposes. There is an opinion that Hippocrates treated stomach pains and burns with oil.


Чудо-свойства натуральных масел

Apricot oil is the best friend for a cosmetologist. The oil works better than any hand creams, and also helps to smooth out wrinkles, tighten the contour of the face and fill it with moisture. Suitable for all skin types. Apricot oil was brought to Europe from Armenia (according to botanists) or from China (this is the opinion of historians), disputes are still ongoing.

If you search for “hair growth oil” on the Internet, you will definitely see masks made of burdock oil, but cedar oil will be better. It will help to cope with the dryness of the scalp, that is, dandruff, give the hair shine. Blondes are not recommended to use cedar oil, as it makes the hair darker.


In the Middle Ages in France, garlic oil was used as a perfume. They were rubbed with it to mask the unpleasant smell from the body that had not been washed for a long time. In ancient times, garlic was used as a natural, natural antibiotic. In our time, it can be used for similar purposes and used in the treatment of colds, viral diseases and to strengthen the immune system.

The natural power of natural oils

Чудо-свойства натуральных масел

Walnut oil, obtained by cold pressing, is called the wisdom of the times because of its effect on our brain. It helps in the fight against excess weight, normalizes metabolism and accelerates digestion. Doctors use it in the treatment of dermatological diseases.


And, for example, treatment with peanut butter is recognized not only by traditional medicine, but also by official medicine! It is used for the prevention of diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular systems, diabetes and skin damage.

Grape seed oil is useful for pregnant women and during lactation. It can be used instead of makeup remover: just apply the oil on a cotton pad, wipe your face, and the dirt from the cosmetics will disappear.

Rice oil was used by Chinese generals and Japanese samurai during their holidays from the great conquests. They ate meals using rice oil, which renewed their strength and toned them up. And they also healed their wounds with this oil, it does not contain allergens, and it is great for everyone. This is a high-quality oil made from rice bran and germ, which has a whole set of useful properties. It is called the health oil all over the world. It is rich in vitamins A, E, PP and B vitamins.And most of it is vitamin E, also known as the vitamin of youth.


Use a variety of oils — it is useful and necessary for our body. Even doctors advise not to limit yourself to one type of oil, since sunflower oil contains polyunsaturated acids, and the body should also receive monosaturated acids that are contained in other oils!

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