“I became a vegetarian, and my husband continues to eat meat. What to do?”

“When I switched to a raw food diet, my girlfriend stopped understanding me…”

“Our children eat meat, they will make their own choice when they grow up”

This is how sad love stories begin. And we at Vegetarian have only good news and happy stories, so we have prepared for you a selection of the greenest lovers who have come to an ethical lifestyle together or have already met as vegetarians. 

Femininity and Purposefulness

The heroes of our first story are known to many. Girls know HER from wonderful literature about femininity and motherhood, men know HER from videos about business ideas, meetings with interesting people and a personal blog. THEY are Alexey and Olga Valyaev.

Alexey, in one of his interviews, already shared with the Vegetarian a story about how his wife helped him switch to vegetarianism, COOKING meat! Olga was already a vegetarian, but, understanding her husband, she cooked meat and fish dishes for him with love, and gradually Alexei began to realize that this type of food could be abandoned. There were no quarrels and prohibitions, there were no taboos and universal misunderstanding, which so rapidly destroys families. Alexey admits: “I began to notice that I like the results in people who do not eat meat. In terms of health, money, relationships. The results of some entrepreneurs in my environment who had a high income, everything was good with energy, everything was environmentally friendly in terms of doing business, and I was surprised to find that they are vegetarians!”

Alexey and Olga are really an example for many who are just starting to think about family and children, because this couple has survived many trials – the illness of a child, lack of money, but all these hardships only made their union stronger, and love stronger! They even have a tradition of repeating the wedding ceremony and vows to each other from time to time. And such weddings certainly take place without alcohol and meat. Here it is – true love-carrot!

Liverpool love

The second vegan love story comes from Britain. This is Paul and Linda McCartney. The couple was helped to switch to ethical food when a lamb was served in one of the restaurants, and exactly the same lambs were grazing outside the window … Suddenly, understanding came, and the puzzle came together. Then there were many years of culinary experiments and the realization that without meat, food does not get smaller, and its taste does not become fresher and more monotonous. On the contrary, vegetarianism opens up new horizons of gastronomic masterpieces! Until her death, Linda adhered to live nutrition, and her husband fully supported her. Paul’s motto was “Don’t eat anything that can move.”

All famous personalities are always somehow far from us, and their stories seem a priori fabulous and impossible. Therefore, we have found for you several love stories among ordinary people, just like you and me.

Real intimacy

Alexander and Lala met at one of the meetings of like-minded people on nutrition and outlook on life, and by the end of the meeting they realized that they could no longer live without each other! They were connected by spiritual intimacy and a striking similarity of thoughts and views. Not even a year has passed since they got married, and are already ready to become happy parents. Their stories of transition to live food have different motives. For Alexander, this path began eight years ago, when he thought about the effect of alcohol on the body. Rejection of bad habits, the necessary literature and internal introspection led him to the decision to give up meat and all animal products once and for all. Now he is a vegan, as is his wife Lala, for whom the path to living food was more difficult emotionally. Her understanding of veganism came through her mother’s death from stomach cancer. Internal pain forced Lala to reconsider her views on the usual systematic nutrition and abandon meat and related products. Having become better, they became worthy of each other, and fate united them into a wonderful union!

“Accidents are not accidental”

Yaroslav and Daria were introduced by mutual friends, and this chance meeting became fateful, because “accidents are not accidental”! “Our secret is unconditional trust in each other, mutual respect and common goals. Well, love, of course! Yaroslav admits. By the way, quite recently the lovers played a wedding, where there were neither meat dishes nor alcohol! And all because the guys came to understand the value of veganism and now prefer living food, striving for lightness and enduring health. For Yaroslav, who works in the fitness field, inquisitiveness about the structure of the human body played a key role in the topic of nutrition. Daria’s motive for switching to live food was health problems and the desire to get rid of them forever. “That’s why we both became interested in this topic, starting with the classic questions about protein, amino acids, fats and minerals. When the answers to the questions appeared, only one remained: Why are we not vegan yet ?!

Meeting point

When you read such happy stories, you immediately want to visit some cool vegetarian event or go to a thematic group page on a social network to make sure once again that the world is full of your like-minded people! And social networks and various vegan hangouts are a great way to meet your love. After all, the right place to meet is the one that meets your interests. And so my story began!

Vegan Man и Vegan Woman

Our story with Tyoma is already two years old, and we met just on the VKontakte social network. A couple of weeks later we met live in the Ukrop cafe and realized that this is love-carrots! It cannot be said that only veganism became the connecting thread of our relationship, but absolutely, it was a pleasant bonus for both of us. By the time we met, I was a vegetarian, and Tyoma was a vegan. After a couple of months, I gave up dairy products, eggs, honey, fur and leather products. Now we are on the way to a raw food diet and lightness!

Our common project has become a community that combines humor and useful information about live nutrition – literature, films, video seminars. The symbol of the community has become the super-hero of our time – Veganman!

We create and create together, because from now on our ideas and goals have become one.

The main thing is to create a mental image of a person whom I would like to see next to and constantly improve. Development is the key to success in any area of ​​life, and spiritual development is most important for creating a strong family union based on love and mutual understanding!

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