Lotus birth: a new trend or a panacea?


Let these words be the beginning of the article, and for someone, I really want to believe, they will become a kind of prayer. 

One of the ways of the harmonious emergence of new life into the world is the lotus birth. There are those who believe that this is a new trend, another “trouble”, a way to make money, but there are others who are trying to figure it out, delve into history and learn the essence, the truth of a different way of giving birth to a little happiness. Let’s stand in solidarity with the “others”. Still, it’s better to really understand, and then draw conclusions. 

The term “lotus birth” takes its origin from ancient mythology, poetry, art of Asia, where multiple parallels are drawn between the Lotus and the Sacred Birth.

If we talk about the traditions of Tibet and Zen Buddhism, then in their context, the lotus birth is a description of the path of spiritual teachers (Buddha, Lien-Hua-Seng), or rather, their arrival in the world as divine babies. By the way, there is a mention of not cutting the umbilical cord in the Christian tradition, in one of the parts of the Bible, in the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel (Old Testament). 

So what is a lotus birth?

This is a natural birth, in which the umbilical cord and placenta of the baby remain one. 

After childbirth, the placenta is thoroughly washed from blood clots, wiped well, sprinkled with salt and herbs, wrapped in a dry diaper and placed in a wicker basket to allow air to pass through. As you already understood, the baby remains connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord. 

The placenta is “swaddled” 2-3 times a day, sprinkled with new salt and seasonings (salt absorbs moisture). All this is repeated until the independent separation of the umbilical cord, which usually occurs on the third or fourth day. 

Why and is it worth abandoning the usual cutting of the umbilical cord in favor of non-intervention? 

The experience of “lotus birth”, as you understand, is quite large, and it shows that babies born in this way are more calm, peaceful, harmonious. They do not lose weight (although there is a generally accepted opinion that this is normal for a child, but this is not the norm at all), they do not have icteric skin color, which is also for some reason associated with the first week of life after childbirth with immediate cutting of the umbilical cord. The baby has every right to receive everything that is due to him, namely, all the necessary placental blood, stem cells and hormones (this is exactly what he receives during a lotus birth). 

Here, by the way, there is practically no risk of anemia (lack of red blood cells), which is one of the most common problems in newborns. 

Lotus birth gives great potential to cope with any life trials and preserves the health given to man from above and nature. 


Lotus birth is not a trend at all, not a new fashion trend. This is a way of the birth of a miracle, a way that has a huge history and sacred meaning. Not everyone is ready to accept it. And it is difficult to say whether they will ever be able to, especially in our country. Perhaps, as in everything, you need to start with yourself. And most importantly – remember that the health and future of the baby is in mother’s hands. 


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