Lose weight without feeling hungry

From the point of view of logic, it is far from always possible to calculate in which products both of these qualities are optimally combined. Danish nutritionists conducted a study: a group of volunteers ate specific foods of a certain calorie value for a long time, each time setting points for their feelings of fullness. Based on the data obtained, saturation index table… The index of saturation of white bread is taken as 100.

Saturation index table 

With the help of the table, you can, by making small changes to your menu – replacing less saturating foods with more saturating ones – to maintain weight or lose extra pounds.

In fact, this will help reduce calories by 10-30%, which is minus 0,5 kg per week!



White fish225Ordinary pasta119Carrots and parsnips300-350Donuts68
Roast veal176Macaroni from durum wheat188Cabbage250-300crackers127
Beef tenderloin175-200Boiled beans168Tomatoes, eggplant200-250Popcorn154
Game175-225Rye bread157Cucumbers and zucchini200-250Ice cream96
Chicken / turkey fillet150-175Grain Bread154Watermelon174-225Chips91
Low fat cheese150-200Lentil133oranges202Peanut84
Salmon and mackerel150-175White rice138Apples197Chocolate bars70
Eggs150Brown rice132Grapes162Muesli100

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