Liberation from fears in favor of love

It is no secret that we are able to control the reaction to situations and events in our lives. We can respond to any “irritant” either with love (understanding, appreciation, acceptance, gratitude), or fear (irritation, anger, hatred, jealousy, and so on).

Your response to various life events not only determines your level of personal growth and development, but also what you attract into your life. Being in fear, you form and experience unwanted events that occur again and again in life.

The outside world (the experience that happens to you) is a mirror of what your being, your inner state is. Cultivating and being in a state of joy, gratitude, love and acceptance.  

However, it is impossible to divide everything into “black” and “white”. Sometimes a person is attracted to a difficult life situation not because of a negative emotion, but because the soul (higher self) chooses this experience as a lesson.

The desire to totally control all the events of your life in order to avoid adverse events is not the best solution. This approach is based on selfishness and fear. If you try to find the magic formula for happiness and control of your life, you will quickly come to the following thoughts: “I want a lot of money, a car, a villa, I want to be loved, respected, recognized. I want to be the best in this and that, and of course, there should be no disorders in my life. In this case, you will simply inflate your ego and, worst of all, stop growing.

The way out is simple and complex at the same time, and it consists in Whatever happens, remember that it will help you grow. Remember that nothing happens without a reason. Any event is a new opportunity to free yourself from illusions, let fears leave you and fill your heart with love.

Embrace the experience and do your best to respond. Life is far from being only achievements, possessions, and so on … it is about what you are. Happiness largely depends on how strong the connection we maintain with our inner love and joy, especially during difficult periods of life. Paradoxically, this inner feeling of love has nothing to do with how much money you have, how thin or famous you are.

Whenever you face a challenge, see it as an opportunity to become the best version of yourself, to get closer to who you should be. In order to take the maximum from the current situation, to respond to it with love, strength and determination are needed. If you learn to do this, you will notice how you overcome difficulties faster, avoiding unnecessary suffering.

Live every moment of life with love in your soul, whether it be joy or sadness. Do not be afraid of the challenges of fate, take its lessons, grow with experience. And most importantly…replace fear with love.  

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