Kvass saved you from a cold!



“Baby son came to his father,

and asked the baby:


— What is good and what is bad?

— I don’t have any secrets, —

listen up kids, —

Dads are the answer to this

I put it in the book…»


This well-known poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky is the time to update it a little in a modern manner. For example, it would not hurt to add to the answer of the pope that children eat and drink well, and what is bad. Today, when the food industry is actively using the success of the chemical industry, the whole world is concerned about the naturalness of foods. Especially when it comes to the nutrition of our children.

The beginning of the new school year is the time to pay attention to what your child drinks. Especially if you want to get through a period of colds and flu painlessly. School requires serious concentration of attention, a good memory, the ability to think logically, it requires a lot of effort and energy. In order for children to bring home the desired fives, the task of parents is to help the child’s body to be healthy, and this is the right diet.

First we train, and then we fight

Квас от простуды спас!


Alas, but parents themselves are to blame for the fact that our children are so fond of harmful foods-imported soda, the concentration of sugar in which is astronomical-115 g per liter, as well as quite harmless snacks: chips, crackers, finally, chocolate bars and chewing gum. It is we, moms and dads, who shape the taste of the baby, opening the world of treats from preservatives and fizz to our child. Most quickly, children fall in love with soda, because it is sweet, bright color, and even it has funny bubbles. Many people know that this drink is not harmless, but not everyone understands how much!

Chemical cocktail under the guise of lemonade

Квас от простуды спас!

Sweet fizz does not contain any vitamins or minerals, so necessary for the growing body of your baby. But it contains preservatives in full (for example, benzoic acid E211 or orthophosphoric acid E338), flavors (mostly synthetic) and dyes. This drink slowly and surely reduces the immunity of your child, and also harms the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Hence colds, a sick tummy, nausea and, finally, a bad mood of the baby. But this is not the worst thing. For preschool children, fizz is doubly harmful, since they have not yet formed the type of gastric secretion — it is lower in them than in adolescents. And lemonade even more provokes a decrease in acid formation. In addition, dyes cause allergic reactions and itching of the skin. And sugar, which is present in large quantities in carbonated water, provokes another nuisance — caries. For example, in spike-containing drinks, about 10 pieces of sugar are placed on a glass. Would you put that much in your tea? If manufacturers add sugar substitutes instead of sugar, lemonade does not become more useful for the baby, but on the contrary, it is absolutely impossible to give such a chemical drink to the child. Special attention should be paid to what your child drinks in the fall. If you want to get through a period of colds and flu painlessly, carefully read the labels on the bottles.


Kvass saved me from a cold

Квас от простуды спас!

Kvass is a great all-season drink for children. It is a natural restorative and tonic. Remember what we grew up with, and the generation of our moms and dads. On kvass and water with syrup from street vending machines. Kvass has been known since ancient times as an excellent therapeutic and restorative remedy. By the way, the opinion that kvass is exclusively a summer drink is wrong. It is perfect for autumn and winter. However, before you buy kvass, you need to remember one main rule — traditional Russian kvass is a drink of double fermentation: lactic acid and yeast. Only such kvass is really useful. According to the effect on the body, it is similar to kefir, curdled milk, and kumis. Such kvass increases immunity, regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the reproduction of harmful and pathogenic microbes, raises the tone and improves metabolism.

How to choose kvass for a child

Квас от простуды спас!


You need to carefully study the labels. The composition of this kvass includes a combined starter culture (pure yeast cultures and lactic acid bacteria), rye malt, flour. In the composition of kvass, prepared on a single fermentation, there are usually acids: citric, acetic, malic or other.

For kids, it is better to choose specially adapted kvass. But, despite the huge variety of kvass, in our country, only one kvass for children, “Kvasenok”, is an excellent alternative to soda, because it is made only from natural foods — rye flour, rye malt, sugar, branded sourdough with the addition of natural plant extracts and double — fermented juice. The sweetness of the drink is given by apple juice and herb extract, while soda often contains large amounts of sugar (not to mention colors, flavors and artificial acids).

And “Kvasenok” is the only double-fermented children’s kvass in the world, created taking into account the age characteristics of the growing organism. In the process of yeast and lactic acid fermentation, kvass is saturated with useful substances: amino acids, trace elements and vitamins that regulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, they increase immunity and improve metabolism.


The alcohol content in this drink is not more than 0.5 % — this is less than in kefir, the process of carbonation is natural. This drink raises the immune system, contains vitamins and essential amino acids. Let life bring only positive emotions, and your crumbs grow cheerful and healthy!

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