Korean Heritage: Su Jok

Dr. Anju Gupta, Su Jok system therapist and official lecturer of the International Su Jok Association, talks about medicine that stimulates the body’s own regenerative reserves, as well as its relevance in the realities of the modern world.

The main idea is that the palm and foot of a person are projections of all meridian organs in the body. “Su” means “hand” and “jock” means “foot”. The therapy does not have any side effects and can be used as an adjunct to the main treatment. Su Jok, developed by Korean professor Pak Jae-woo, is safe, easy to perform so that patients can heal themselves by mastering certain methods. Since the hands and feet are the locations of active points corresponding to all organs and parts of the body, stimulation of these points produces a therapeutic effect. With the help of this universal method, various diseases can be treated: the internal resources of the body are involved. The technique is one of the safest of all.


Today, stress has become part of our lifestyle. From a child to an elderly person, it affects all of us and causes serious illness in the long run. And while most are saved by pills, a simple pressure of the index finger on the thumb of any hand can give impressive results. Of course, for a lasting effect, you must regularly perform this “procedure”. By the way, in the fight against stress and anxiety, tai chi also helps, which improves the flexibility of the body and its balance.

By pressing on certain points in the right direction. When a painful process appears in the organs of the body, on the hands and feet, painful points appear – associated with these organs. By finding these points, the sujok therapist can help the body cope with the disease by stimulating them with needles, magnets, mokasmi (warming sticks), light modulated by a certain wave, seeds (biologically active stimulants) and other influences. Physical conditions such as headache, bronchitis, asthma, hyperacidity, ulcers, constipation, migraine, dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, bleeding and even complications from chemotherapy, and much more are cured. From mental states: depression, fear and anxiety are amenable to Su Jok therapy.

This is one of the tools of the Su Jok system. The seed has life, this is well illustrated by the following fact: from a small seed planted in the ground, a large tree grows. By pressing the seed on the point, we absorb life, getting rid of the disease. For example, round, spherical seeds (peas and black pepper) are believed to alleviate ailments associated with the eyes, head, knees, and back problems. Beans in the form of kidneys are used in the treatment of kidneys and stomach. Seeds with sharp corners are used for mechanical pressure and have a pathological effect on the body. Interestingly, after using the seed in seed therapy, it changes its structure, shape and color (it can become brittle, discolor, increase or decrease in size, crack and even fall apart). Such reactions give reason to believe that the seeds “suck out” pain and disease.

In Su Jok, a smile is mentioned in connection with the smile of a Buddha or a child. Smile meditation is aimed at harmonizing the mind, soul and body. Thanks to it, health improves, self-confidence increases, abilities develop that help to achieve success in education, work, and become a more energetic person. Giving a smile, a person broadcasts positive vibrations, allowing him to maintain good relations with other people.

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