Is a contrast shower good for your health?

Contrast shower-a type of water treatment, in which hot (40-45°C) and cold (10-20°C) water alternate. It refreshes, invigorates and hardens. Such a shower affects our blood vessels and connective tissue. Warm water relaxes, cold water increases the tone of the muscles and blood vessels.


The contrast shower trains the thermoregulatory systems, as well as our ligaments and blood vessels, just as the muscles are trained during physical exercise. The pores of the skin expand under the influence of warm water, and when cooled, they instantly contract, squeezing out dirt, which is washed away by water flows. Narrowing and dilation of blood vessels actively drives our blood through the vessels, providing blood supply to tissues and organs, strengthening metabolic processes, frees our body more intensively from toxins and metabolic foods. Contrast shower-a good hardening procedure. We do not have time to experience a feeling of chills and burns, and the thermoregulation system perceives such a temperature difference absolutely normally and this only improves.

A real contrast shower is done like this. You need to get in the bath and pour water at a pleasant temperature. Then they make it as hot as possible. After 30-60-90 seconds, the hot water is blocked and cold water is allowed. After dousing the entire body, switch back to the hottest water, pour over the whole body and then let the cold one in. This time, it is better to stand under a cold shower for a longer time, a minute or a little more. Then turn on the hot shower again for a short time and finish the procedure with a cold one. Scientists have proven that a few minutes of such a contrasting shower can replace an hour-long walk or swim in the pool. And it is also a great tool for training blood vessels, gives elasticity to the body. Contrast shower is especially useful for people with low blood pressure, who find it difficult to get themselves into working condition in the morning. It relieves neurosis, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin: it will become elastic and elastic.


Contrast shower always start with hot water, finish with cold water. And don’t stand in the shower with your head (just your body). Alternate sessions of “hot-cold water” should be at least three times. If you are not ready for such an extreme yet, start the procedure with a “soft” shower, when warm and cool water alternates. But the temperature of the cool water is not too low for the body to turn on its defenses, and it is also not high enough for you to not have time to feel chills.

Gradually, you need to increase the contrast of hot and cold water. As a rule, after the first five sessions, the discomfort disappears.

It is not recommended to take a contrast shower if you have problems with blood vessels: thrombophlebitis, hypertension, blood and cardiovascular diseases, cancer.

Women are not recommended to perform the procedure during menstruation, with exacerbations of chronic diseases. It is better not to risk your health. Therefore, if you are not sure about your health, it is better to consult a doctor.

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