Influence of biorhythms on human performance


Influence of biorhythms on human performance

It happens that it becomes difficult to concentrate on work. An unexpected attack of laziness, fatigue, inattention … It’s all about biorhythm fluctuations. However, Woman’s Day knows how to use such minutes for her own good.

How does a change in activity affect us?

It has been scientifically proven that the brain changes activity every 1,5–2 hours. At such moments, our working capacity decreases for about 20 minutes. But this is not so much fatigue as a different regime, when the left hemisphere, which is responsible for attention, speech and logical thinking, gives way for a short time to the right hemisphere, which is responsible for our dreams and fantasies.

At such moments, our concentration of attention and activity decreases, we can easily daydream and forget about work. However, there is nothing wrong with that! Scientists argue that such changes are quite natural. There is no need to fight them, it is better to use them for your own good. How to recognize the moment when biorhythms change?

– In the morning, the desire to relax comes after 1,5-2 hours after waking up;

– During the fluctuations of biorhythms, laziness overcomes, there is no desire to think about serious things, to make decisions, even talking on the phone becomes difficult. We become forgetful and make mistakes more often.

– We start to yawn, suddenly a desire to dream awakens.

– But it happens that during fluctuations of biorhythms, hunger sets in, we can experience a feeling of irritation.

How to use the period of biorhythm oscillation for your own benefit?

Influence of biorhythms on human performance

A decrease in the amount of fluid in the body by only 1-2% significantly inhibits thought processes. To prevent this from happening, place a bottle of still mineral water on your desktop. If you spend all day in the office, where the air is permeated with computer radiation and artificial air conditioning, you should not limit yourself to drinking water.

Of course, fatigue, stress are common problems. But because of them, our skin dulls, flakes, fades and deteriorates. Products for tired skin will help restore her radiance.

Often we sit at the computer for a long time, our legs and back become numb. No time to warm up? Use the moment to change biorhythms. While the head is not working, take care of the body. Get up and do a couple of exercises – there is a way to warm up “on the job.” Without being distracted from papers or a telephone conversation, stretch your legs, lift your feet off the floor, and hold your weight as long as possible. So you will improve blood circulation, prevent varicose veins and even subtly train your abs.

Raise your arms above your head, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly lower yourself onto the countertop, trying to reach as far in front of you as possible. Lie there for 30-40 seconds and get back to work.


how to replenish oxygen reserves

Simple breathing exercises can greatly improve performance. Go out into the corridor, walk along it, take a breath, counting to yourself to four, on the second count, hold your breath, on the third – exhale. Repeat several times. As a result, the blood will be saturated with oxygen, and you will calm down. If you feel that counting to four is too easy for you, you can increase this number. An important point: you must definitely walk, while sitting this exercise is useless to do.

If the weather is the reason for the poor health (in the heat, for example, the risk of asthenia increases), it is better to consult a doctor.

Have you been visited by dreams and dreams? Don’t resist! Neurophysiologists have proven that it is during this period that we are visited by brilliant insights. After all, the change of biorhythms can be called “sleep with open eyes”, and at such moments the right hemisphere of the brain is activated, and all the forces, usually spent on solving many small problems, “go” to one of the most pressing problems.


These three-dimensional pictures are great for relieving tension, focusing and, in addition, are extremely useful for the eye muscles. On the Internet, you will find a wide variety of collections of stereograms. It is easy to see the latent image: move closer to the monitor, defocus your gaze and slowly move away. Do not rush, at some point you will find that the image seems to have “failed” and a three-dimensional picture has appeared inside it. This fun and exciting activity is called “eye fitness”.

By the way, it is useful to contemplate the beauty of nature to improve vision. At the same time, you can go in for sports. Fitness is especially popular now while walking with pets.

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