I want to become a vegetarian, but I hate most vegetables. Can I be a vegetarian without vegetables?

The more you read about vegetarian nutrition, the more you will see statements like “vegetarians eat a variety of foods.” This is because a variety of foods provide different nutrients.

For example, dried beans are high in protein and iron, while fruits are a good source of vitamin C. Vegetables are very important in the diet. For example, orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes contain incredible amounts of vitamin A. Green vegetables like kale and broccoli are rich in iron and calcium.

All vegetables provide fiber and phytonutrients, simply put, important plant-based nutrients. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get many of these vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from other sources if you don’t eat vegetables.

You can get some from fruits, some from whole grains, and take vitamin pills if needed. The only problem is that you have to eat a lot more fruits and beans to make up for not eating vegetables. Also, there may be some phytonutrients that are only found in vegetables that are not even known to science. If you don’t eat vegetables, you are depriving yourself of these phytonutrients.

Are you really intolerant of any vegetables, or do you just not like vegetable dishes or certain vegetables? There is no law that says you must eat every vegetable. It would be good to try and find a few vegetables that you can eat regularly.

Maybe you decided when you were three or five that you didn’t like vegetables and haven’t tried them since. Believe it or not, tastes change with age, and what might have tasted nasty as a kid might taste pretty good now.

Some people who swear they don’t like vegetables enjoy eating vegetable dishes in Chinese restaurants. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Maybe because vegetables in Chinese restaurants have a special taste.

Try to eat some vegetables raw. Change chef. Try cooking your own vegetables by seasoning them with soy sauce, a little olive oil, or balsamic vinegar. Try adding hummus to a raw vegetable salad. Try growing your own vegetables or getting fresh vegetables from a farm or market. You may find that not all vegetables are actually disgusting to you.  


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