“I don’t eat food with my eyes.” 10 funny vegetarians from movies and cartoons

 Phoebe Bufe (“Friends”) 

Lisa Kudrow created that crazy optimist and one of the most liberated characters on the screen, captivating people around the globe. And how not to love her, huh? A charming blonde with, perhaps, a perfect smile and incredible imagination. And her cute “shots” towards friends – there is a lot to learn. 

Phoebe can be called the most cheerful agitator of vegetarianism.


She advocates for animal rights and environmental protection (many flash mobs organized by Phoebe confirm this). She says no to Thanksgiving turkeys, fur-lined clothes, and ruthless tree-cutting at Christmas. 

How touchingly Phoebe buries “dead” flowers – it’s worth watching the series just for this. The girl is fond of fortune-telling and uses bones for this. Phoebe comments on this fact in her own style:

Phoebe not only doesn’t eat meat, she’s an active conservationist.

And by the way, Phoebe is the author of the phrase in the title of the article. Yes, yes – the one about “food with eyes.” Very bright and good slogan for vegetarianism. 

True, nature played a cruel joke with Phoebe: during her 6-month pregnancy, she could not eat anything but meat. But Buffay is Buffay – and she found a way out. For those six months, Joe was the vegetarian instead. 

Madeleine Bassett (“Jeeves and Wooster”) 

Sir Pelham Granville Woodhouse created a classic of British life. The young aristocrat Worcester and his faithful valet Jeeves find themselves in situations that would piss off anyone but the stiff English. 

In the film adaptation of the work, the characters of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry show the real Britain (those who learn the language or are going on a trip should definitely watch it!). And there is a charming girl Madeleine Basset in the plot (three actresses embodied this amazing image in the series). 

The sentimental girl, a fan of stories about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, decided to become a vegetarian under the influence of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. But she never learned how to cook. 


There she is, Madeleine. 

Basset is very vulnerable, and when the doctor prescribed her to eat meat, she simply suffered over every bite. In retaliation, Madeleine put her fiancé on a meat-free diet. But then a tragedy occurred: after a few days “on cabbage”, the groom ran away with a cook who fed him meat pies. Something like this. 

Lilya (Univer) 


A girl from Ufa, a student of the Faculty of Biology, a fan of esotericism and occult knowledge – such a heroine “breaks” into the measured student life of the sitcom heroes. She is very superstitious and uses folk remedies for any disease. He cannot stand injustice and does not eat meat at all.


He dislikes his “aggressive” surname (Volkova) so much that he never responds to it. 

The Barber (“The Great Dictator”) 

The hero of Charlie Chaplin in one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. A harsh satire on the fascist leader who had come to power by that time, performed by the great comedian. Blow humor on tyranny! 

The first fully sound film of Chaplin’s career. The tape that infuriated the top of Nazi Germany came out in 1940. The dashing adventures of the barber, who, like a twin, looks like a dictator, cause laughter and make you think about many things. 


With such a “manifesto”, the barber proudly emphasized his character. 

Brenda Walsh (Beverly Hills, 90210) 

A sweet girl, who found herself among the spoiled youth, fell in love with the audience with incredible speed. She entered the list of “mean girls” compiled by one of the magazines. Interestingly, the series starred vegetarian actress Jennie Garth, who begged the writers to make her heroine a vegetarian. But lucky Shannon Doherty, who played Brenda. 

It is not until season 4 that Walsh gives up meat. He solemnly announces this at breakfast and receives a series of jokes and caustic remarks from his brother (familiar to many who have decided to give up meat). Strictly watching her diet, Brenda especially does not remember her. And about her character, we can mention the following:


Jonathan Safran Foer (“And All Illuminated”) 

Tragicomedy with adventures and Ellija Wood is good for an evening out. There is where to laugh, think and admire the pictures on the screen. The adventures of a Jewish American in search of a certain woman lead him to a Ukrainian village. Among other things, the refusal of meat simply shocks the locals. Here is a simple, but such a cool dialogue between the hero and his Ukrainian grandfather through a translator:


About the author, who is devoted to the ideas of protecting nature and giving up meat, we have  

And cartoons! 

Shaggy Rogers (“Scooby-Doo”) 

A 20-year-old detective in an awkwardly long T-shirt and a chin larger than his forehead. His appearance in the 1969 Scooby-Doo cartoon made Norville (real name) an integral part of the dog story.

Shaggy is passionate about food. In his defense, he says that he just constantly feels fear of the next monster. Shaggy used to cook with Scooby and that must have left its mark on his love of food. Rogers has been a vegetarian for most of her life, although in some episodes she can be seen breaking her diet.

Shark Lenny (“Shark Tale”) 

Secret love, father-son relationships, and fighting between clans – famous for a cartoon, right? Charming shark Lenny is a staunch vegetarian. His dad, the godfather of the mafia, the aristocrat Don Lino does not know about it. Until a certain point. After much persuasion to eat meat, the father gives in and takes the position of the child. 

Lenny is incredibly kind and just can’t eat living things that swim in the sea next to him. 

Lisa Simpson (“The Simpsons”) 

Lisa has her own definitive story on why I don’t eat meat. An entire episode is devoted to this event – “Lisa the Vegetarian”, October 15, 1995. The girl came to the children’s zoo and became so friendly with a charming little lamb that she refused to eat lamb in the evening.


And then Paul McCartney played his part. He was invited to voice a cameo in the series with Vegetarian Lisa. According to the first scenario, she was supposed to abandon the idea of ​​​​vegetarianism at the end of the series, but Paul said that he would turn down the role if Lisa became a meat-eater again. So Lisa Simpson became a staunch vegetarian.

Apu Nahasapimapetilon (“The Simpsons”) 


The owner of the supermarket “Kwik mart” (“In haste”). In the series, when Lisa became a vegetarian, Apu and Paul Macartney’s friendship is shown (the Indian was even called the “fifth Beatle”). He helped Lisa become stronger in vegetarianism and take her first steps. 

Apu himself is a vegan. He even eats a special vegan hot dog during one of the parties. He practices yoga and eats exclusively plant foods. There was a stage in his immigrant life when he tasted meat, but Apu quickly changed his mind and refused to assimilate. 

Stan Marsh (South Park) 

The most intelligent and perceptive of the four children “at the turn of the millennium”, which is so vividly drawn in the animated series. Stan refused meat in an episode about trying to rescue calves from a farm where schoolchildren were on a field trip. The children took several animals home and did not release them under certain conditions. Stan did not last long, and he returned to his usual diet. 

But Stan, in his worldview and repeated attempts to protect nature, can be called the most progressive hero. By the way, the “rebellion” of the guys was not in vain: after deceiving adults, Stan quits vegetarianism, but achieves that hamburgers are labeled “little cow tortured to death”. Well, at least something. 


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