How to use fruit peel?

We offer you to get acquainted with useful and unexpected ways of using fruit peel and cake. 1. Banana peel is great for cleaning silver, in particular silver jewelry. Mix 2-3 peels and ¼ cup water until a paste forms, pour water into a bowl. Using a soft cloth or sponge, apply the paste on the product, then wash with a bowl of water. Wipe. 2. Believe it or not, the acid in apple peel can remove stains from your aluminum cookware. Bring apple slices to a boil in water, cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Your dishes will shine again! 3. Orange peels work just fine. Just put a few crusts on the table if you’re dining outside or outdoors. 4. Insect bites, rashes and itchy skin can be soothed with banana peels. Thoroughly wash the affected area on the skin, apply a little banana peel to this area. Such an application should alleviate the ailment. 5. Drop it. This will avoid the formation of sticky lumps and hardening in sugar. 6. – a great addition to many desserts. 7. . The fiber-rich apple peel makes a great addition to fruit and vegetable smoothies. Place the peel in the refrigerator until your next smoothie.

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