How to make fitness even more effective and lose weight



Keep moving after your workout

After finishing your workout, do not strive for rest, for a book on the sofa. If you keep moving, your metabolism will remain high. Any kind of activity is suitable – a walk with a dog, outdoor games with children, etc. Just do not lie down!



Build muscle mass

Energy burns in the muscles, respectively, the more muscles, the more intense the burning of calories. Supplement cardio with strength training, eat protein foods – you need to get at least 1,2 – 1,5 g of protein per day for every kilogram of your weight. 



Don’t choose a smooth track


Energy is consumed more actively if you are not limited to training in a comfortable gym. Go for a run in the park, run uphill, jump over benches, dodge between bushes and lamp posts. It is quite difficult, but the body receives an additional impetus, and the process of burning fat is further accelerated.


Eat immediately after exercise


Immediately after training, eat a banana, a plate of durum wheat pasta with a piece of meat, and drink a glass of milk. This will help you regain strength and build muscle. A bad option is to eat “fast” carbs like chocolates, chips, and the like.


Increase the intensity


Gradually increase the intensity of training, add new exercises – the body quickly gets used to the stress, and in order to induce it to expend more energy, you need to load it more.


But without fanaticism!


Exercise should not drain you physically and mentally! Set realistic goals, take on a load you can handle. Fat burns best not when you are “at your limit,” but when exercising at moderate intensity. It is in this situation that the body primarily consumes fat.


Friendly competition won’t hurt


Excitement speeds up metabolism. Therefore, make a bet with a friend – and compete!


Be clear about your goal

When a person has a goal, then there are no problems with motivation. And if there is a motive, then the job is half done. Think of fitness not as a temporary measure, but as a long-term investment in your future. Actually, the way it is.


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