How to lose weight if you can’t play sports


Health restrictions, in which it is impossible to actively train, force many to give up. However, in the hierarchy of weight loss, sport does not take second or even third place. This is because a healthy diet with a calorie deficit makes us slim, and sports makes us athletic. It is necessary to face the truth and understand that without training your figure will not acquire muscle relief, but the lack of sports will not affect the process of losing weight.

Losing weight depends on five things: diet for weight loss, stress control, non-exercise activity, healthy sleep, and only then exercise. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Nutrition for weight loss without sports

When calculating the daily calorie intake for weight loss, it is necessary to indicate your level of activity without exaggeration. In the absence of physical activity, select the appropriate value. Do not rely entirely on these calculations, as most people misjudge their physical activity. The resulting figure will be your starting point, which needs to be adjusted as you get closer to the result.

Many losing weight rush to extremes – they reduce their calorie intake to 1200 per day, but the weight stands still. This happens for two reasons:

  1. You have accelerated hormonal adaptations to diet, your body retains fat under stress, stores water, and also reduces the level of physical activity and cognitive function, which reduces the waste of calories.
  2. Periods of controlled hunger for 1200 calories alternate with periods of unconscious overeating, as a result of which there is no calorie deficit.

To prevent this, do not lower your calories too much. It turned out according to the calculations of 1900 kcal, which means eat 1900 kcal, and at the end of the week weigh yourself (calorizer). If the weight does not go away, reduce calories by 10%.

Remember that not only the amount of calories eaten is important for weight loss, but also the correct ratio of BJU and the choice of foods suitable for the diet. Nutrition control and minimally processed foods will allow you to stay within the boundaries of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Agree, oatmeal is easier to fit into the diet than a bun.


Controlling stress while losing weight

Diet is stressful, so reducing your calorie intake should be slow. However, losing weight is not the only stress in the life of modern people. In a state of nervous tension, the body produces a lot of cortisol, which affects not only weight loss through fluid retention, but also its accumulation – distributing fat in the abdominal area.

Learn to relax, get more rest, do not set strict dietary restrictions, be more often in the fresh air and the process of losing weight will be more active.


Non-training activity

If we compare the cost of calories for training and for daily activity, then the “sports consumption” will be negligible. For a workout, the average person spends about 400 kcal, while mobility outside the gym can take 1000 kcal or more.

If there is no sport in your life, get into the habit of walking at least 10 thousand steps daily, and preferably 15-20 thousand. Build up your activity gradually, you remember about stress. If you cannot go for long walks, look for ways to increase your calorie expenditure, and shorten your walks.


Healthy sleep for weight loss

Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels and decreases insulin sensitivity. This means fatigue, swelling, constant hunger, bad mood. All you need is 7-9 hours of sleep. Many people say they cannot afford that kind of luxury (calorizator). But they allow themselves to carry tens of kilograms of excess weight. A sound and long sleep is extremely important for weight loss. You can always negotiate with family members by redistributing household chores.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, a soothing herbal tea, darkroom, and earplugs can help you. And if you can’t get enough sleep at night, you can find time to sleep during the day or go to bed earlier in the evening.


Workouts for those who are not allowed to play sports

There are no absolute contraindications to all physical activity. If your doctor prohibits you from actively exercising for a while, prepare yourself to be able to play sports in the future. Complexes of exercises from exercise therapy will come to the rescue.

Simple exercise therapy exercises will help stabilize the spine and joints, accelerate recovery, prepare the musculoskeletal system for training in the future, relieve pain caused by muscle hypertonicity and increase overall calorie expenditure.


Be sure to consult your doctor about exercise therapy. He will tell you the optimal frequency of classes for you and guide you according to the restrictions.

Lack of sports is not a problem for weight loss. Diet disorder, lack of adequate sleep, lack of physical activity and constant anxiety can interfere with weight loss. We get fat not from lack of exercise, but because of low mobility and poor nutrition, which are generously seasoned with nervous tension and lack of sleep.

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