How to have perfect eyebrows?


How to have perfect eyebrows?

Having perfect eyebrows is no small task: shape adapted to the face, perfectly defined line, thick or thin… It is not easy to find your way around. Before you embark on a new eyebrow hair removal, here are our tips and tricks for having perfect eyebrows.

The perfect eyebrows for your face

Square or rounded head, straight or arched eyebrows, thin or fuller, it is not easy to find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face! Because yes, the eyebrows are not to be taken lightly: they draw the look and bring a lot of character to the face.

For round faces, an all rounded eyebrow would only accentuate the shape of the face. To break up the roundness a little, an arched eyebrow, with a square head or not, will be ideal. Conversely, for a square face or with angular features, a rounded eyebrow will be better. Also, so that your eyebrows have as much character as your features, favor rather thick eyebrows. If they’re too thin, they won’t stand out in your facial features.

If you have a long face, you have to break this feeling of slender features. To do so, opt for fairly full eyebrows, with a straight eyebrow line. If your face is triangular in shape, choose a soft, rounded brow line. Arched eyebrows are likely to echo the angle of the chin. Finally, if you have an oval face you are in luck, you can afford anything!

How to properly pluck your eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows can be a laborious and risky task! If you don’t have the knack, don’t hesitate to ask for the help of a beautician to define the perfect eyebrow line for your face, and to get tailor-made advice. You will be able to leave on the base made for the beautician, and use her advice to do the touch-ups yourself.. For successful eyebrow hair removal, several techniques are possible.

Threading is perfect if you are cozy: it is very painless. Also, it is a technique which allows a beautiful precision to have a perfectly drawn and regular eyebrow line. Be careful, this technique is the most difficult to master, so it is better to practice it in a salon, and entrust your eyebrows to the care of an expert.

The tweezers, on the other hand, are the easiest technique to master. You can remove hair by hair, gradually checking the progress of your epilation. Despite everything, this method has two drawbacks: it is painful, and requires touch-ups every two to three days.

The wax allows for a longer duration of hair removal. For easy hair removal at home, you can use the cold wax in small strips, ideal for delicate areas to be waxed. Hot wax is a bit more difficult to master, but it usually gives better results. Again, do not hesitate to consult a beautician for advice.

Some tips for a perfect brow line

To have beautiful eyebrows in harmony with the shape of your face, it is not all about hair removal, even if it is an essential base. When, a few years ago, the fashion was for fine eyebrows, or even non-existent, today the trend is back for more present eyebrows.

However, many women, with regular epilations, only have extremely thin eyebrows. If this is your case, eyebrow pencils can allow you to cheat by lengthening and thickening your eyebrow. Passing through the hands of a dermographer can also be a solution: there are now experts in the field who tattoo larger-than-life eyebrows.

For those who have a beautiful eyebrow line, but who do not find them sufficiently thick, the pencil or the eyebrow far can come to flesh out the material. They are ideal for drawing a perfect and regular eyebrow line, while making the entire eyebrow even.

Finally, for those who have enough substance but suffer from unruly eyebrows, eyebrow mascara is the solution! By choosing an eyebrow mascara of the same color as your roots, you will obtain a natural result: they will be more present, but above all fixed thanks to the mascara. So they stay in place all day long!

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