How to do a detox? Naturally, without a blender

Here are 10 steps you can take every day to help detoxify your body.

Eat reasonable portions. If you eat too much, you are likely to accumulate more toxins than your body can handle. Eating one cookie instead of six is ​​a detox diet. Chew your food slowly. We all have “anatomical juicers” – our teeth and our stomachs. Use them.

Eat plant-based foods, preferably organic if possible. This minimizes the risks of potential toxins. Vegetables and fruits play an important role in the health of the body because they contain compounds that can help the body deal with all the chemicals that come in. Also, eating more plant foods and less animal products can mean cutting back on the supplements that come with animal foods (such as drugs and hormones).

Stay slim. Some fat-soluble compounds can accumulate in body fat. Less body fat means less real estate for potentially problematic chemicals.

Drink plenty of fluids, including water and tea. And use a water filter. The kidneys are the main organs of elimination of toxins, keep them clean. Take a break between dinner and breakfast. If you finished eating at 7 pm, you could eat breakfast at 7 am. This gives the body a 12 hour break from eating for each 24 hour cycle. It can also improve your sleep, which is another important factor in allowing your body to recover appropriately.

Walk outside, get sunshine and fresh air every day. We not only synthesize vitamin D from the sun, but we can breathe fresh air and hear the sounds of nature.

Get exercise and sweat regularly. Our skin is one of the main organs that remove toxins. Help her with this.

Limit unnecessary nutritional supplements. Some of them may just be another burden on the body. Make sure every drug and product in your closet serves a purpose.

Eliminate problematic products. If you can’t get into the habit of eating one cookie and you always end up eating six, maybe it’s time to rebuild your relationship with cookies. Also, pay attention to any food intolerances.

Check your beauty products. The skin is our largest organ; every day we put hundreds of chemicals on it. They then enter our bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. If you want to burden your body with fewer chemicals, check your hygiene products.

Eat, move and live… better.  


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