How to diversify the diet menu


The word “diet” evokes in most people persistent negative associations associated with a huge number of restrictions, tasteless and monotonous food. Many mono and short term diets are. A balanced diet has rules, but these are flexible rules that help you lose weight without disruption, achieving a sustainable result. It all starts with choosing foods suitable for the diet and changing the diet. For weight loss to be tasty and easy, you need to know how to diversify your diet menu.


What is a varied diet?

By a varied diet, nutritionists mean the use of different sources of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and the balance between them. This is not about eating delights every day or eating randomly. Healthy eating is always simple and does not require extra material costs.

It consists of:

  1. Proteins of animal (poultry, fish, meat, offal, eggs, cottage cheese) and vegetable (legumes, grain) origin;
  2. Carbohydrate foods (grains, vegetables and fruits);
  3. Saturated fats (butter, cheese, fats from protein products) and unsaturated (fish oil, vegetable oil, nuts, avocados).

Every day you can have breakfast with eggs and oatmeal, dine with chicken with buckwheat and vegetables, dine with fish and vegetables and have a fruit and milk snack. It is varied because you get the nutrients from different sources (calorifier). But any diet can get bored. To prevent this from happening, consider how you can diversify the diet menu.

Cooking cereals in a new way

Most cereals are the perfect base for many recipes. If you can no longer look at rice and breast, make meatballs – chop the chicken fillet, add your favorite spices, mix with rice and steam. The main thing is to observe the proportions – the amount of ingredients and KBZhU should correspond to the planned meal. It is easy to calculate it in your Personal Account.


Many losing weight are accustomed to having breakfast with oatmeal and eggs. Not only raisins, apples or honey can be added to oatmeal. It goes well with any fruit, cocoa, nuts, pumpkin and spices. Eggs can be boiled, fried or omelette. And if you grind oatmeal into flour, add an egg, raisins, fruit or berries and bake, you get a delicious oatmeal cake.

Mixing ingredients

In our area, people eat separately side dishes, meat and salad. In other words, they are used to eating a large amount of food, which can be cut at least in half. The habit of eating a lot of porridge, potatoes or pasta and eating a sandwich was formed in the Soviet years. After the war, many people were involved in physically demanding work and needed more energy. However, there was nowhere to get high-quality calories in a country with a total deficit.


Modern people move much less than people of that time, and the variety of available products – meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, has increased significantly. Healthy food has become more accessible, but the habit of filling the stomach with cereals and bread has remained. Agree, removing half a serving of pasta from the plate is not encouraging, and if you mix the ingredients, then you will not notice a reduction in the portion. Just add more vegetables and herbs.

Any cereals and legumes can be mixed with vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, milk cheese, and sometimes with fish. If there are sources of animal and vegetable protein in one meal, then their overall digestibility will be higher.


As for vegetable dishes and salads, it all depends on your imagination. Almost all vegetables are combined with each other. Moreover, they are combined with fruits and nuts. Add an apple or a peach to the salad, and you will understand everything.

Eggs are also a versatile product. They can be added to salads and any filling can be added to them – vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and even berries. Healthy foods are a huge field for experimentation.


Experimenting with meat

In the preparation of any meat, processing method, preparation method and marinade play an equally important role. As for the processing method, then any meat or poultry can be cooked in a piece, optionally cut or even chopped into minced meat.

The preparation method depends on your taste preferences. The main ways to prepare food on a diet:

  • Boiling in water;
  • Cooking in a bag with marinade or homemade sauce;
  • Baking on a baking sheet;
  • Roasting in foil;
  • Sleeve baking;
  • Baking in a special form;
  • Frying in a non-stick pan;
  • Blanching;
  • Various cooking methods in a multicooker.

As for the marinade, it makes any meat tastier and juicier. Depending on the preparation method, you can add an unusual filling. Everyone knows the recipe for Christmas duck with apples. It is the sweet taste of apples that makes the bird extraordinarily tasty (calorizator). Nothing prevents you from adding an apple or dried fruit to the chicken fillet.


Playing with flavors

There are many spices and herbs. They give the dish a unique aroma and are also healthy. For example, cinnamon is known to help maintain stable blood sugar levels, ginger has anti-cold properties, and cloves are known to relieve pain. Using spices on your diet is the best way to diversify your taste buds and support your body.

Another way to add flavor is to make homemade low-calorie sauces. The basis can be tomatoes, tomato paste, yogurt, low-fat sour cream, vegetable puree, meat, fish or mushroom broths.

Now you are convinced that losing weight can be delicious. For this, foods that are already present in your diet are suitable. The only thing that will be required of you is desire, a little free time and a willingness to experiment with food.

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