How to cut a biscuit into cakes

Sponge cake is the basis of many desserts and it is easy to prepare. It does not require complex products and a lot of time. Subject to certain rules, the biscuit turns out to be lush and tender. How to divide a sponge cake into cake or roll cakes? The task is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Of course, professional pastry chefs have the necessary tools to cut the cakes, but how do you do it at home?

Method # 1

Not the neat way is to cut the biscuit with a knife. It works well if the biscuit is dense. Loose is likely to crumble. The biscuit knife should be long and sharp. So, make notches by measuring the height of the cakes. Hold the biscuit with one hand with the edge facing you, rotating it counterclockwise. Use the other hand to cut the biscuit, positioning the knife blade towards you. Place the knife according to the marks.

Method # 2


This method also needs a sharp and long knife. Additionally, a baking dish ring is used – it will work instead of marks. Adjust the ring so that it measures the height of the future cake, and cut off with a knife along the edge.

Method # 3

You will need a thin thread or fishing line. Mark the height of the cakes and make light, shallow cuts with a knife. Using a thread, cut the cakes: wrap the cake with a thread, cross the ends and slowly pull in different directions, advancing the thread inside the biscuit.

Cut all the cakes only when they are completely cool!

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