How to choose the right instant coffee


Despite the popularity of beans, instant coffee has not lost its relevance for many years. The explanation is simple: not everyone is a gourmet; for most coffee lovers, an instant drink seems even tastier. Not to mention the fact that coffee in a can greatly saves time on preparation, since the granules just need to be poured with boiling water.

How to choose instant coffee?

However, you may have noticed that instant coffee of different brands and different types tastes differently. Somewhere sourness is felt more, and somewhere vanilla notes. But how to choose the right instant coffee among all this variety? We have prepared a couple of tips that should help you understand the criteria on which the flavor and aroma characteristics of the drink depend.

How to choose the right instant coffee

Instant coffee varieties:

  • Robusta. In its pure form, this sort of coffee is almost never found in packaging, because Robusta gives a characteristic bitterness and strength, but it does not taste very pleasant.
  • Arabica. This is the main marketing ploy of all well-known brands, to write that their coffee is 100% Arabica. In fact, such a drink turns out to be of low strength, and it does not have an invigorating effect. At the same time, the taste characteristics are at a height, ranging from floral notes to a light fruity aftertaste. We would not recommend chasing 100% Arabica, because a small addition of Robusta will only benefit the drink.
  • Mix of Arabica and Robusta. In our opinion, this is the best option in terms of price / quality / taste ratio. Only Arabica should be more.

Take a look at the site, there is a large selection of delicious and aromatic instant coffee at a very good price. If you buy coffee in bulk, then the cost will be even more pleasant.

How to choose the right instant coffee

Production technology affects the taste of the drink

Of course yes. And to the smallest detail, such as drying the substrate. According to the production method, instant coffee is also divided into types:

  • Powder. It is produced under the pressure of hot air that atomizes the coffee extract.
  • Granulated. Coffee is soaked in different solutions, resulting in the formation of porous granules. They are larger than those obtained with the powder production method.
  • Freeze-dried. Here coffee beans are dehydrated in a vacuum at a low temperature. The technology is expensive, but it retains all the taste qualities of the drink.

If you are looking for where to buy good instant coffee, there are different types of it in the catalog. Here, everyone decides for himself what is preferable to him.

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