How to choose good beef

Much has been said about the benefits of beef, this meat is rich in protein, B vitamins, iron and amino acids. It will help you stay toned and normalize the work of the heart muscle. We have collected basic life hacks that will come in handy when choosing and preparing this type of meat.

Pick a good piece

Fresh beef with a deep red color, there should be practically no fat in it, and if it is present, then its color is creamy white and certainly not yellow.

The meat should be elastic, recover after pressing with a finger, the smell is pleasant.


For rich soups, borscht and broths, brisket is suitable. Shoulder and neck – for stewing, goulash, minced meat.

How to quickly cook beef

– After choosing fresh meat, be sure to rinse it and dry it with paper towels.

– Cut into small pieces. An important point, the meat is cut along the fibers – this way it will cook faster.

– Pour boiling water over the meat and send it to the stove, bring to a boil, carefully collect the foam.

– It’s time to add a spoonful of vegetable oil, the film formed on the surface of the broth will shorten the cooking time of the beef.

– Cook beef over low heat, covered with a lid.

– Meat is salted only at the end of cooking!

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