How to choose a good mattifying treatment?


How to choose a good mattifying treatment?

Before investing in a mattifying moisturizer, you still need to find one suited to your skin type, with a composition that meets your expectations. Ingredients, use, good practices, here are our tips for choosing and using your mattifying treatment well.

Mattifying treatment: for whom?

Oily skin or skin with a mixed tendency has the annoying habit of secreting too much sebum. In question ? The sebaceous glands. They serve to produce a greasy film that protects the skin from external aggressions, but in some cases, they can produce more than necessary.

Several factors can cause an excess of sebum: a genetic inheritance, an excessively rich diet, the use of care and make-up not adapted to your skin type. Results ? The skin is constantly shiny, the makeup does not stick, and you get a completely blurred complexion.

The mattifying treatment is then one of the keys to your fight against sebum. It will absorb excess sebum, regulate its production throughout the day, to reduce or even eliminate unwanted shine.

Mattifying moisturizer: what if we looked at the composition?

Choosing a good mattifying treatment requires considering its composition. In fact, beware of products that are too aggressive, which can have a counterproductive effect: the skin is attacked and it responds with… an even higher production of sebum. You need a product that regulates the production of sebum, while moisturizing it, that’s why we talk about mattifying moisturizer.. The formula of your treatment should also let the skin breathe and not clog the pores. Obviously, the sebum will not come out, but the skin will not be oxygenated and the imperfections will quickly point the tip of their nose.

A good mattifying treatment should contain: moisturizing agents (glycerin, aloe vera, shea), absorbing agents (mineral powders, polymers), sebum regulators such as zinc, antioxidants, as well as an astringent agent to tighten the pores . Beware of products containing sulphates, alcohol, salicylic acid or fruit acid, which can be too stripping, especially for combination skin. Mineral oils as well as silicone and its derivatives are also to be avoided, because they prevent the skin from breathing.

If your combination to oily skin is rather sensitive and reactive, which is often the case, do not hesitate to turn to organic brands and natural products. For example, jojoba oil is known to regulate sebum production and mattify the skin, while moisturizing it. It can be used in the evening as a makeup remover, but also as a moisturizer. You can also find many mattifying moisturizers using its benefits in more comprehensive formulas.

The correct use of mattifying care

Even if the mattifying treatment is a simple and effective first step towards a clear and matte skin, it is still necessary to use it well. The mattifying treatment should always be applied to clean, dry skin. Morning and evening, therefore, use a cleanser suitable for combination to oily skin to eliminate impurities and sebum, before applying the treatment. Of course, if you have makeup on, remove your makeup with a makeup remover dedicated to your skin type, before cleaning up.

Applying the mattifying moisturizer on a clean and healthy basis will increase its effects tenfold. For those in a hurry, you can also opt for a mattifying serum, more concentrated, to apply at night before going to sleep, or under your day cream in the morning.

Using your mattifying treatment well also means avoiding all the small parasitic gestures that can counteract its action. For example, if your skin still shines a little during the day, putting on layers of powder will suffocate the skin and increase the production of sebum. Better to use absorbent papers found in cosmetics stores, which will absorb excess sebum and allow you to do a touch-up, without putting a layer of makeup on your skin.

Likewise, in order not to “sabotage” the benefits of your mattifying treatment, limit excess sugar and fat in your diet: it has been proven that a diet that is too rich increases the production of sebum, even if you use a mattifying treatment!

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