How should you brew tea?

The taste and benefits of tea directly depend on how correctly the tea is brewed. It is worth checking if you are doing everything right by brewing tea in the usual way.


And although there are so many tips on this topic, the most popular is this method – brewing tea not with boiling water, but with hot water that is about to boil, the so-called white key. 

How to brew tea 

  1. First, wash the teapot well, dry it with a towel and let it dry completely. Fill a kettle with fresh water and boil. Turn off the barely boiled kettle and cool to a water temperature of 85 degrees.
  2. While the water is cooling down, rinse the clean teapot with boiling water 3-4 times – so that it warms up.
  3. Pour tea leaves or tea mixture into a preheated teapot in an amount – a teaspoon for the cup of water that goes into the teapot, plus a teaspoon for the whole teapot on top.
  4. Let the tea swell slightly with the moisture and teapot temperature. And now pour two-thirds of the cooled water into the teapot, cover with a lid and a napkin on top, covering the lid and spout.
  5. Let the tea brew:
  • Black leaf tea is brewed for no more than 5 minutes, small varieties – no more than 4 minutes.
  • Green tea 2 minutes after brewing gives a stimulating effect, and after 5 minutes – soothing. 

6. In the middle of brewing, add water to the brim, leaving a small gap between the water surface and the lid. And at the very end, add water to the very top – this filling in three stages contributes to the slow cooling of the water.


7. If foam appears on the surface of the water during the brewing process, the tea is brewed correctly. You do not need to take it off – it contains many useful substances, including essential oils. Just stir it with a spoon.  

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We will remind, earlier we analyzed which tea is the most useful for health, and also told how tea is drunk in different countries of the world. 

Enjoy your tea!

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