How Ctrl2GO created an affordable business tool for working with Big Data


The Ctrl2GO group of companies specializes in the development and implementation of digital products in the industry. It is one of the largest providers of data analysis solutions in our country.


Create a tool for working with Big Data, which can be used by employees of companies without special competencies in the field of programming and Data Science.

Background and motivation

In 2016, Clover Group (part of Ctrl2GO) created a solution for LocoTech that allows predicting locomotive breakdowns. The system received data from the equipment and worked on the basis of Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence, predicting which nodes need to be strengthened and repaired in advance. As a result, locomotive downtime was reduced by 22%, and the cost of emergency repairs was reduced by three times. Later, the system began to be used not only in transport engineering, but also in other industries – for example, in the energy and oil sectors.

“But each of the cases was very time-consuming in the part that concerns working with data. With each new task, everything had to be done anew – to dock with sensors, build processes, clean data, put it in order, ”explains Alexey Belinsky, CEO of Ctrl2GO. Therefore, the company decided to algorithmize and automate all auxiliary processes. Some of the algorithms were combined into standard modules. This made it possible to reduce the labor intensity of the processes by 28%.

Alexey Belinsky (Photo: personal archive)


Standardize and automate the tasks of collecting, cleaning, storing and processing data, and then combine them on a common platform.


“After we learned how to automate processes for ourselves, we began to save money on cases, we realized that this could be a market product,” says the CEO of Gtrl2GO about the first stages of creating the platform. Ready-made modules designed for individual processes for working with data began to be combined into a common system, supplemented with new libraries and capabilities.

According to Belinsky, first of all, the new platform is intended for system integrators and business consultants who solve optimization problems. And also for large companies that want to build an internal expertise in Data Science. In this case, the specific industry of application is not of fundamental importance.

“If you have access to a big data set and work with models, for example, for 10 thousand parameters, for which regular Excel is no longer enough, then you need to either outsource tasks to professionals, or use tools that simplify this work,” Belinsky explains .

He also emphasizes that the Ctrl2GO solution is completely domestic, and the entire development team is located in our country.


According to Ctrl2GO, using the platform allows you to save from 20% to 40% on each case by reducing the complexity of processes.

The solution costs customers 1,5-2 times cheaper than foreign analogues.

Now five companies use the platform, but Ctrl2GO emphasizes that the product is being finalized and has not yet been actively promoted on the market.

Revenue from data analytics projects in 2019 amounted to more than ₽4 billion.

Plans and prospects

Gtrl2GO intends to expand the functionality and simplify the interface for using the platform by untrained specialists.

In the future, dynamic growth in revenue from data analytics projects is predicted.

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