Best way to cook potatoes


It would seem that the best way is to bake potatoes. That is, setting a goal to save all of its nutrients to the maximum, potatoes are being boiled, and roasted for many dishes. But, it turns out, it is better boil with a skin. And here’s why.

All the matter is in the glycemic index. While roasting the glycemic index of potatoes comes to 85 units, but the boiled — 65. Raw potatoes – just 40 points on the glycemic index.

Danger is the rise of the glycemic index of foods to the level of more than 70 points.

How can it hurt

The danger is that foods with a high glycemic index are quickly processed into glucose surges which can be harmful to blood vessels. Besides, the faster the sugar level rises and the faster it falls again. So comes back the hunger as well.

Best way to cook potatoes

Other foods with a high glycemic index

Even products that are considered useful, can harm the health. Vegetables and grains with a glycemic index above 70. Despite common use, these products dramatically increase the level of blood sugar.

The threat is even such seemingly “harmless” squash, rutabaga, millet, barley, pumpkin.

Best way to cook potatoes

Carrots and potatoes too, but with the caveat on the method of preparation. The glycemic index baked or boiled carrots comes to 85 units, compared to 40 in raw form. Deceptive and normal white polished rice, which substitute for pasta side dishes, thinking that it is more useful. Its glycemic index of up to 90 units. It is better to choose yellow or basmati brown rice — in this respect they are much more useful.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Such products are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. They give a feeling of satiety for a long time. But during the meal it is hard to eat them. Therefore, in diets they are supplemented with some products from categories with a high glycemic index. The group with low GI include the majority of vegetables, legumes, fresh fruits (but not juices). Also, this category includes pasta from durum wheat and brown rice.

More about GI of potatoes watch in the video below:

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load

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