High blood pressure during early and late pregnancy: what to do


High blood pressure during early and late pregnancy: what to do

Increased pressure during pregnancy can lead to fetal hypoxia and impaired development. The doctor should correct it, and the task of the expectant mother is to adjust her lifestyle in order to reduce the risks to the baby’s health.

Bad habits and stress can provoke high blood pressure during pregnancy

Valid values ​​are considered to be at least 90/60 and not higher than 140/90. It is recommended to take measurements once a week, preferably at the same time: in the morning or in the evening. In case of deviations from the norm, you need to check the pressure every day.

High blood pressure during early pregnancy is a rare phenomenon. Usually, on the contrary, it is lowered in the first trimester, this is due to the restructuring of the body. Hypertension provokes vasoconstriction. This can cause hypoxia or lead to malnutrition of the fetus. This situation is fraught with deviations in the development of the unborn child, and in some cases, termination of pregnancy.

A deviation from the norm is considered to be a pressure increased by 5-15 units

Increased pressure during late pregnancy can cause placental abruption. This process is characterized by profuse blood loss, which can cause death for both mother and baby. Although in some cases – usually in the last month – an increased pressure of several units is considered acceptable, since the weight of the fetus doubles during this period. The baby is already fully formed, and it is difficult for the body to cope with such a load.

Causes of hypertension during pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy can cause:

  • Stress.
  • Наследственность.
  • Various diseases: diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems, adrenal gland malfunction, obesity.
  • Bad habits. This is especially true for those women who consumed alcohol every day before pregnancy.
  • Wrong diet: the predominance of smoked and pickled foods in the woman’s menu, as well as fatty and fried foods.

It should be borne in mind: the pressure will always be slightly increased immediately after waking up.

What to do if blood pressure is high during pregnancy?

Do not under any circumstances self-medicate. All drugs, even herbal decoctions, should be prescribed by a doctor. It is worth revising your diet. It should be dominated by fermented milk products, lean meat, fresh or boiled vegetables.

Cranberry juice, beet and birch juices, hibiscus help to normalize blood pressure

But it is better to refuse strong tea and chocolate.

Make friends with a tonometer to control your blood pressure, and in case of deviations, immediately contact a doctor.

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