Heart failure – Our doctor’s opinion


Heart failure – Our doctor’s opinion

As part of its quality approach, Passeportsanté.net invites you to discover the opinion of a health professional. Dr Dominic Larose, emergency physician, gives you his opinion on theHeart Failure :

Patients with heart failure have very bothersome symptoms that significantly affect their quality of life.

Fortunately, there is a better understanding of the mechanisms that allow heart failure to take hold. We are also aware that the body sets in motion compensatory mechanisms which can make the situation worse.

For example, patients with heart failure often feel very thirsty. The problem is that the body mistakenly detects a state of dehydration because of blood circulation problems. He asks for more water, when he already has too much! Imagine that you are still thirsty and need to limit your water intake. Not easy…

In recent years, medicine has greatly improved both the length and the quality of life for patients with heart failure. Clear guidelines have been established by learned societies to disseminate best practices. If you have it, it is definitely worth investing in a good treatment.


Dr Dominic Larose, M.D.


Heart failure – Our doctor’s opinion: understand everything in 2 min

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