Grandma is always right. Why the baked milk is useful?


Baked milk — is not a very popular product that of urban residents. But those who live in the village know his gorgeous caramel taste not by hearsay.

And, as it turned out, this product is not only rich in taste but also beneficial properties.

Associate Professor Kyiv national trade-economic University Bogdan Golub said that baked milk is perfect for the brain.

The product includes polypeptides, amino acids, and proteins – substances that are very important for the brain’s proper functioning; they stimulate the activity of neural cells of the main organ of the CNS.

The baked milk contains vitamins a, E, D, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus.

Thanks to this composition, baked milk has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular, visual system, stabilizes hormonal balance, enhances immunity, and helps overcome chronic fatigue.

So if you feel tired, better drink no coffee and a glass of warm milk. Besides, it is much easier to digest than regular milk.

How to make the baked milk

In the villages, people have long been preparing baked or scalded milk. Solid, plain milk for a long time (almost a day) is aged in clay pots in the fiery furnace, not boiling. This was done to extend the whole milk’s shelf life because it could remain fresh and usable much longer after such heat treatment.

Grandma is always right. Why the baked milk is useful?

Who needs baked milk?

Special favor baked milk brings to children and pregnant women – the abundance of calcium protects the baby from rickets.

It will be useful for men’s health as well. Because its vitamins A and E and salts of mineral origin have a positive effect on potency, it activates the reproductive system’s glands.

And who is contraindicated

With caution, should consume baked milk for older adults and overweight people. High fat and big-calorie — are the main reasons for this.

How to cook baked milk at home

Boil the milk. Put it in the oven and simmer at a temperature of 160-180 degrees for 2.5 hours. Eliminate boiling. Simmer the milk in the oven for less – it all depends on the fat content of milk—low-fat milk languishing longer.

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