Gamepad for PC: How To Choose


The mouse and keyboard aren’t the only devices you can use to enjoy PC playing. A gamepad is best suited for platformers, sports simulators, racing fun, etc. You can use a device like this to link a computer to a TV and spend time with pals.

How to select the best gamepad? Now there are many different models on the market and it is almost impossible to clearly divide them. For PC, they can be divided into licensed controllers, which are produced by holders of actual consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox one), and gamepads from third manufacturers.


The main difference between joysticks is how games and software itself react to them. Gamepads from Sony and Microsoft “catch” computers easily, and drivers are installed automatically. All you need to do is connect it via USB and in a few minutes it will start working and a window of additional settings will appear in case you need to change some nuances.

Third-party joysticks are less expensive. However, if you buy such a device, you may run into a number of issues. The computer may refuse to accept the controller until drivers are manually installed from a disk or downloaded from specialized sites.

Vibration, accelerometer, and other features

Now vibration motors are added to almost all gamepads. However, in the past, vibration in devices might be regarded as a premium feature and was only included in pricey models. Controller vibration is one of the most important techs in gaming.

The vibration function allows you to immerse yourself more fully in racing and fighting. This function helps you to feel the impact of shooting or other actions. Developers use it as a game design element.

The accelerometer, touchpad, and additional programmable buttons can also diversify or even simplify the gameplay. But, as in the case of vibration, the developer himself must add the ability to use these functions to the game.

Connection methods

There are two main options here: wired connection and wireless (via Bluetooth or USB adapter).

Wired joysticks are the easiest to use: just plug the device into a USB port and you’re done. No need to worry about batteries. Such devices are lighter and cheaper than wireless controllers. But there is an obvious minus — the cables. They can get in the way on the table or get under your feet.

Wireless gamepads are much more convenient, although they require more attention. As is the case with many other gadgets, they will have to be recharged periodically. Depending on the model, the amount of play time between charges varies from 7 to 10 hours.

Appearance and design are a matter of taste. But it’s best not to go for frilly models that may be less comfortable than a simpler but more ergonomic thing.

Convinced PC gamers believe that a gamepad, as a game manipulator, is unworthy of competing with a mouse and keyboard: there are few buttons, no fine-tuning option, and macros cannot be recorded.

The joystick makes the control smoother: depending on the degree of stick deflection, the character can slowly walk or run, and the force of pressing the triggers affects the speed of the car.

For what do you need to buy a controller and where it will be most useful? You should pay attention to the device if you decide to discover the world of action RPGs. Here, its presence is very important, since most of the products of this genre first went to game consoles. Fans of the platformer genre simply need a joystick. And here it is no longer in the port. Today, they tend to hold up pretty well compared to the console versions. The problem is the accuracy of the movements that are possible on the keyboard and, again, the convenience.

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