Fitness Flexibility


Fitness Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to bend a body easily and without danger of breaking. And the same can be said for the human body. In this sense, flexibility is the ability of the joints to have a complete amplitude in their range of motion. This physical capacity depends on structural morphological factors of the joints, on the elasticity of the muscles, cartilage and tendons. Despite which, it can also be worked in the same way as it is done with the rest of the capacities such as force and speed.

We are born flexible in a natural way and it is lost with growth, in fact, strength training can cause flexibility to partially decrease if you do not exercise as well. Men tend to have stiffer muscle tone so they tend to be less flexible, although, as in everything, it can be compensated with specific exercises.

El elasticity work is done by stretching Of which there are different types since they can be static or dynamic depending on whether they include movement or not in their execution. In any case, it is recommended to combine strength work with flexible for a good physical condition.

There are disciplines that work in a special way on flexibility such as yoga that manages to increase it through postures that require different effort depending on the level and type of yoga. In addition, it also combines it with strength and resistance work although it can be adapted so that your practice is not too demanding. Pilates is another allied proposal for the elongation of muscles and the health of the joints and all the fibers involved in them.


  • It improves balance.
  • Prevents injuries.
  • Increases mobility of the joints.
  • Prevents muscle shortening.
  • Increases muscle relaxation.


  • In general, there are no contraindications, apart from stretching well advised to avoid tears or injuries. However, precautions must also be taken in cases of hypermobility, during pregnancy, when there is pain or when some treatment with cortisones is followed since the tissues may be more fragile.

Many of the people who train looking for hypertrophy change their diet to favor it by increasing proteins and decreasing the amount of Carbohydrates. However, when it comes to flexibility there are also some foods that are suitable, especially because they protect the tissues. That is why those rich in fatty acids such as blue fish (salmon, trout, anchovies, sardines or tuna) are good. Olive oil is also good.

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