Fitness and Exercise Wallpapers


Fitness and Exercise Wallpapers

The dips are an exercise that is practiced in strength training and that manages to tone one of the most difficult muscles to train: the Triceps. However, the bottoms are much more than triceps training. Their large number of varieties and their adaptation possibilities make them a essential exercise and versatile.

Funds can be made in parallel bars so that the pectoral and triceps are worked intensely by placing the arms stretched out at the width of the shoulders and raising and lowering the body vertically until making a 90 degree angle with the elbow. Depending on the weight of the athlete and his state of form, the parallel bars will be more or less affordable.

In disciplines such as calisthenics there are tremendously complex ways of practicing the dips, such as the Korean, which is done with a straight bar and in which manages to keep the body elevated horizontally (parallel to the ground) with the only support of the arms flexed behind the back.

However, it is not necessary to reach these limits to practice dips, nor are instruments or bars required. A very simple and adaptable way is to do them with a bank. Placed with our backs to the bench perpendicular, we sit in the air with our legs stretched out holding our arms on the bench with our arms stretched to shoulder width apart and our backs straight. From this position, it is about flexing the arms and stretching them again, executing the movement with precision and care. If you still think it is too much, bend your legs and you will see the resistance decrease.

Core work

Another type of phone is the floor pectorals in which the athlete is placed face down parallel to the ground and raises and lowers the trunk by flexing the open arms to the width of the shoulders (push-ups). With this exercise in addition to the chest and arms the entire abdominal and core area is worked. To decrease the intensity it can be done with the knees on the ground.

Given the number of variables and the different intensity with which they can be done, the funds are a very popular exercise It does not require any type of instrument and it helps to improve the general physical condition of all types of athletes, from the most experienced to those who are taking their first steps.


  • Improve posture
  • Increase resistance
  • Work different muscle groups
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Prevent osteoporosis


  • Parallel funds require prior and technical experience
  • Poor execution can cause shoulder injuries
  • You have to work the muscle groups in a compensated way. The triceps is compensated with biceps training
  • It is necessary to adapt the exercise to the physical form of the person practicing it so that it is effective and improves adherence to training.

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