Fitness and Exercise Push-ups


Fitness and Exercise Push-ups

Companies that Push-ups or push ups are a very complete type of functional exercise in which muscles throughout the body are activated, hence its effectiveness. Works chest, triceps, delts, strengthens core and back stabilizers. You can even work your glutes and quads. Of all the exercises that can be done, it is one of the most effective and accessible since they can be graduated for different states of form.

However, it is also one of the exercises in which more errors occur during its practice, losing its effectiveness, in the best of cases, and being cause of injury in the worst.

Whether it is your first push-up or if you have been practicing them for a long time, it is interesting to review the posture for practice. Placing face down, with the arms shoulder width apart, elbows tucked in and close to torso and body from head to toe in a straight line. The hands should be below the shoulders with the index fingers pointing forward and the fingers spread. Another important detail to take into account about the support of the hands is that the posture is as if you wanted to grip the ground, keeping the pressure on the tips of the fingers and the palms, but not so much on the intermediate phalanges.

To begin with

Some people try pushups without success, with low back pain, or skipping the first push-up. Therefore, it is interesting to start gradually, not only in number, but in intensity. Instead of starting on the ground, you can start high using a low table or chair to support hands. This decreases its intensity and allows the movement to be performed perfectly.

To begin with, you don’t have to abuse the number of repetitions either, it is best to pay attention to posture, do it slowly, well and activating the core and leg muscles. Once three sets of 10 repetitions are achieved, the height can be progressively reduced until reaching the ground.


  • Tones the whole body
  • Gradual
  • Improve posture
  • Increase bone mass
  • Increases basal metabolism

Frequent errors

  • Make them too fast
  • Lower hips
  • Stick my head
  • Open your arms too much
  • Not resting between sessions

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