Fishing for crucian carp on tackle: places for catching Dorada fish


Fish of the spar family. It can reach impressive sizes – a length of 70 cm and a weight of more than 15 kg. There is confusion about the names of this fish. Golden spar or dorada – Latin and Romanesque names, associated with a golden strip located between the eyes. The name – crucian carp, can also be misleading, because this is the name of several more species of fish that are very widespread. In addition, the fish is also called aurata. For the inhabitants of Southern Europe, the golden spar has been well known since ancient times. There is evidence that even in ancient Rome they were engaged in fish farming of this species. The spar has a laterally flattened oval body and a sloping forehead, which is the only similarity with another fish, which is also called the sea bream, as well as the dormice and wahoo wahoo. The lower mouth gives out in the fish an inhabitant of the near-bottom zone of the sea. The fish preys on bottom dwellers and small fish. In some cases, it can also feed on vegetation. Spar lives in coastal waters, but large individuals stay at great depths away from the coastline, juveniles – closer to the coast. Dorado is grown everywhere on the European coast of the Mediterranean Sea, including in Turkey. Farms are located both in lagoons and in cages and pools. The size of a commercial gilthead is about 1 kg.

Spar fishing methods

Spar is, first of all, an active predator. Catching this fish is quite popular. Dorado is caught on various gear. To a greater extent, they are associated with fishing from the shore or in the coastal zone from boats. Sometimes a sea bream can be caught in the Russian waters of the Black Sea, for example, in the Republic of Crimea. Among the popular types of fishing are: fishing with spinning baits, multi-hook equipment and live bait. Also, they catch on float fishing rods from the shore and even by trolling, deepening the bait to the very bottom.

Catching spar on spinning

When choosing gear for fishing with a classic spinning rod, when fishing with a pair, it is advisable to proceed from the principle: “trophy size – bait size”. In addition, the priority should be the approach – “onboard” or “shore fishing”. Marine vessels are more convenient for spinning fishing, but there may be limitations here. When fishing for crucian carp, “serious” sea gear is not required. Although it is worth noting that even medium-sized fish desperately resist and this gives a lot of pleasure to anglers. Dorados stay in the lower layers of the water, and therefore, with spinning rods from marine watercraft, fishing for classic baits is most interesting: spinners, wobblers, and so on. Reels should be with a good supply of fishing line or cord. In addition to a trouble-free braking system, the coil must be protected from salt water. In many types of sea fishing equipment, very fast wiring is required, which means a high gear ratio of the winding mechanism. According to the principle of operation, coils can be both multiplier and inertial-free. Accordingly, the rods are selected depending on the reel system. The choice of rods is very diverse, at the moment, manufacturers offer a large number of specialized “blanks” for various fishing conditions and types of lures. When fishing with spinning marine fish, fishing technique is very important. To select the correct wiring, it is necessary to consult experienced anglers or guides.

Spar fishing with multi-hook tackle

The tackle is a variety of spinning rods, equipped, at the end, with a sinker or a heavy lure – a pilker. Above the sinker, several leashes with hooks, jig heads or small spinners are installed. In addition, additionally fixed beads, beads, etc. are used on leashes. In modern versions, when connecting parts of the equipment, various swivels, rings, and so on are used. This increases the versatility of the tackle, but can hurt its durability. It is necessary to use reliable, expensive fittings. The principle of fishing is quite simple, after lowering the sinker in a vertical position to a predetermined depth, the angler makes periodic twitches of tackle, according to the principle of vertical flashing. In the case of an active bite, this, sometimes, is not required. “Landing” of fish on hooks can occur when lowering the equipment or from the pitching of the vessel.


Various baits are used for catching spar, in particular, for spinning fishing they use: wobblers, spinners, silicone imitations. From natural baits: “live bait”, cutting fish meat and more.

Places of fishing and habitat

Golden spar lives in the waters of the eastern part of the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean Sea and, partly, in the Black Sea. Catching this fish is poorly developed on the Black Sea coast, this is due to the fact that it is not often found here. At present, small flocks of spar are known off the coast of Crimea.


In spar, the method of reproduction differs in some features. This fish is a protandric hermaphrodite, that is, at the age of 1-2 years, individuals are males, and after a while they become females. Spawning in autumn and early winter. Spawning is portioned, extended in time, takes place at a relative distance from the coastline.

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