Fetus 11 week of pregnancy: a memo to the expectant mother, size, ultrasound


Fetus 11 week of pregnancy: a memo to the expectant mother, size, ultrasound

By the 11th week of pregnancy, the fetus begins to respond to external stimuli – to move. During this period, significant changes take place with the expectant mother herself.

By the 11th week, as a rule, toxicosis stops: the woman stops vomiting. The increased olfactory sensitivity also disappears. Problems with heartburn and flatulence may begin, and constipation appears. This is due to the work of the hormone progesterone.

The fetus at 11 weeks of gestation does not yet protrude beyond the edges of the uterus, but new clothes will already be needed

The woman begins to sweat more and visit the toilet more often: the urge to urinate becomes more frequent. Vaginal discharge increases. Normally, they are whitish in color with a sour smell. Colostrum discharge from the nipples may appear.

Despite the more stable period of pregnancy, you should not relax. If you have severe abdominal pain or pain, see your doctor. Lower back pain should also alert. Although the fetus has not yet outgrown the womb, the abdomen may swell slightly and become visible, so the favorite clothing may be small. It is worth starting to look after yourself a new wardrobe.

The fruit continues to grow actively at the 11th week. Its weight becomes about 11 g, and its length reaches 6,8 cm. At this time, the future baby begins to move. It gives a reaction to a woman’s movements or harsh sounds. He is able to change body positions and freeze in them for short periods of time. He develops tactile receptors, smell and taste. The brain at this stage consists of two hemispheres and a cerebellum. The formation of the eyes ends, the iris appears, the vocal cords are laid.

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What will ultrasound show on the development of the fetus?

During this period, the expectant mother can be sent for screening, which consists of an ultrasound scan and a blood test for biochemistry. This procedure is necessary to study the fetus and predict its growth. Multiple pregnancies can also be tracked.

List of recommendations in the memo to expectant mother

At each stage of pregnancy, there are rules that the expectant mother should follow:

  • If you experience constipation, add more raw vegetables and fruits to your diet, and drink water. If this does not help, consult your doctor.
  • Avoid fried, spicy and smoked foods: they will exacerbate negative effects in the stomach and intestines. Also, avoid sodas and sour berries.
  • If you sweat, shower more often and change your clothes. Wearing clothes made from natural fabrics will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Cramps when urinating is a reason to see a doctor.

Try to control your emotions, get more rest.

A period of 11 weeks is an important period in the life of a mother and baby. At this stage, the pathology of the unborn baby can be tracked.

What happens when you get pregnant with twins?

At the 11th week, a woman’s tummy is already noticeable, since the uterus with two babies expands faster. At the same time, babies lag behind in size from ordinary children. Twins have their own growth calendar. By this time, the weight of each fruit is about 12 g, the height is 3,7-5,0 cm.

By the 11th week, the hearts of children are finished forming, their heart rate is 130-150 beats per minute. The intestines begin to work. Muscles, joints and bones develop slowly. The main unpleasant symptoms of the week are severe toxicosis and heaviness in the abdomen as from overeating.

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