Miracle exercise machines that burn fat while you sit on the couch, wonder linen, creating a beautiful figure without your participation, and other quick ways to lose weight – all this is very exciting losing weight.

One of the most popular ideas is fasting.


Why it does not help to create a more slender and beautiful body, and what consequences can lead?

The reverse reaction

One or two “hungry” days in a week considered by many as a reliable means to reduce weight and to accustom themselves to smaller portions of food without denying on the other days in your favorite dishes.

However, it does not work. Instead of destroying fat reserves, starvation, only exacerbates their deposition.

Intrigue of hungry days is that the body responds to the lack of intakes as to the stress and immediately reduces the rate of metabolism and also begins to conserve energy consumption.


As a result, when returning to the regular diet fat begins to accumulate even faster.

Side effects

Often people trying to starve after a day or two without food feel the feeling of joy, lightness throughout the body, euphoria. This is a new experience. Of course, they attribute to the ongoing recovery. But in fact, are called psychoactive effect of ketone bodies on the brain.

It’s organic compounds, intermediate foods of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. They are formed mainly in the liver by the incomplete oxidation of fatty acids resulting in metabolic disorders.


Another consequence of regular fasting – changes in eating behavior. The person begins to be more interested in food in the days free from fasting, and sometimes unconsciously overeat. The result may be even new weight gain.

If starvation is prolonged

During prolonged fasting the body begins to eat at the expense of their own tissues by breaking down not only fats but also proteins. The consequence will be a weakened muscle, loose skin, and sometimes the exhaustion and the development of protein-energy malnutrition of varying severity.

Also weakens the immune system. People are more likely to have infections and colds. Reduced immunity increases the risk of developing tumors.


On the background of long-term starvation due to acute deficiency of nutrients violates the work of endocrine system, disorder of digestion, disorders of the nervous system, weakening of mental abilities, may even develop infertility.

It is especially hard tolerated starvation for obesity. It leads to more frequent seizures, disorders of consciousness, reduced blood pressure and heart disorder. Therefore, when you have obesity weight loss should be done under the supervision of a specialist and include a sensible balanced diet and exercise.

Fasting with your doctor

Before fasting was prescribed in a number of acute diseases such as acute appendicitis, gastrointestinal bleeding, the consequences of serious injuries involving an unconscious condition.


But even for such patients, intravenously administered solutions of glucose, amino acids, electrolytes in order to provide the body with at least a minimum amount of energy and nutrients.

Now unanimously taken the view that all patients in need of good nutrition, even in an unconscious state. For this purpose developed a specialized compound that includes a complete set of amino acids, digestible fats, carbohydrates, and entered through the probe, if the patient is not able to eat.

You need to remember

The body responds to stress (such as hunger) with mobilization of all resources for survival. If you have stocks easier to bear the hunger, so fasting does not reduce fat, but to its accelerated storage. Remember that proper, balanced daily meals will lead to the desired goal faster than a painful hungry days.


Another point of view about fasting watch in the video below:

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