Famous vegetarians

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of true vegetarians among us. Among them are not the most ordinary people, but also outstanding athletes, famous actors, singers, scientists and writers. Every day, they adhere to the principles of vegetarian nutrition, set new goals, reach incredible heights and at the same time sincerely enjoy life. Looking at them, it’s hard to believe that vegetarianism can be dangerous. Is that inspired by their victories and in some way follow their example.

Vegetarian athletes

Some doctors say that sports and vegetarianism are incompatible. Simply because people who deliberately refuse protein will subsequently experience a lack of it, suffer from anemia, feel a lack of energy, and sometimes even not have them in order to get out of bed. However, true vegetarians, whose achievements have gone down in the history of world sports, do not think so. On the contrary, they argue that exercise and a vegetarian diet are complementary things.

Below is a list of some of them:

  • Mike Tyson, or Iron Mike, is an American boxer and undisputed world champion, whom he, by the way, became at the age of 21. During his career, Mike managed to set several records, which they cannot break to this day. The athlete switched to strict vegetarianism back in 2010. This decision allowed him not only to lose 45 kg, but also to become much happier, which he told reporters in a recent interview.
  • Carl Lewis. 9-time Olympic champion and 8-time world champion in sprint and long jump. He is rightfully called the best in his sport for the fact that he was able to win gold 4 times in a row. To the question “How does he manage to reach such heights?” he replies that it’s all about nutrition. Since 1990, his strict vegetarian principles have allowed him to eat only the best that nature has to offer. According to him, he showed his best results precisely in the first year of changing the diet.
  • Bill Pearl is a bodybuilder and famous trainer who published the book “Keys to the Inner Universe”, which has become a kind of guide for aspiring athletes. Bill has been awarded the Mr. Universe title 4 times.
  • Mohammed Ali is an American boxer who won the 1960 Olympics. Ali has become the professional heavyweight champion of the world on several occasions. In 1999 he was awarded the title of “Sportsman of the Century”.
  • Robert Parish is a 4-time champion of the association, a basketball player with a worldwide reputation, which is firmly entrenched in the history of the NBA, thanks to the number of matches played. There are no less than 1611 of them. With his vegetarian lifestyle, he proved that even a huge height (216 cm) is not a prerequisite for eating meat.
  • Edwin Moses is a track and field athlete, world record holder, two Olympic gold medalists and veteran vegetarian.
  • John Sully is a legendary basketball player, actor and a true fan of vegetarianism.
  • Tony Gonzalez is a Spanish footballer who has long experimented with nutrition. The fact is that he “tried on” veganism and vegetarianism, but subsequently decided to adhere to the principles of a vegetarian diet, diluted on the advice of his trainer with several servings of fish or chicken meat a week.
  • Martina Navratilova – this tennis player has 18 victories in singles, 10 in mixed doubles and 31 in women’s doubles. And she herself is not only a true vegetarian, but also an ardent representative of the PETA organization, which fights for animal rights.
  • Prince Fielder is a famous baseball player who gave up meat after learning about the burdens of carrying cattle and poultry on farms.
  • Tony La Russa is a baseball coach who works for the National and American Leagues. He became a vegetarian after in one of the programs he saw how veal meat gets on the tables of its consumers.
  • Joe Namat is an American football star who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1985. By his example, he showed that in order to play well at football, it is not at all necessary to eat meat.
  • David Zabriskie is a renowned cyclist who has won the American National Racing Championship 5 times, taking an honorable place in the Grand Tour. He is not only an experienced cyclist, but also a passionate vegan.
  • Bill Walton is an American basketball player who has won the NBA title twice. He was subsequently named Most Valuable Player. He managed to achieve great victories and recognition without a drop of animal protein.
  • Ed Templeton is a skateboarder, artist, and vegan since 1990.
  • Scott Jurek is a multiple winner of ultra marathons, or ultra marathon, and became a vegetarian in 1999.
  • Amanda Riester is a boxer, bodybuilder, trainer, winner of 4 Golden Gloves of Chicago titles, North American champion in fitness and bodybuilding. Amanda is a passionate vegan who she says she became as a child. She is also engaged in the rehabilitation of stray dogs and at the same time raises 4 pit bulls she rescued.
  • Alexey Voevoda is one of the most powerful people in the world. He won the World Cup in arm wrestling three times and twice became the Olympic champion (bobsleigh).
  • Ekaterina Sadurskaya is a our country synchronized swimmer who is part of the national team and adheres to the principles of vegetarian nutrition.
  • Denis Mikhailov is not only a vegan, but also a raw foodist. As an ultramarathon runner, he has earned a Guinness World Record for his 12-hour treadmill.
  • Natasha Badman is a vegetarian and the first woman in the world to win the triathlon world title.

Vegetarian scientists

Doctors say that a vegetarian diet negatively affects the functioning of the brain. However, the grandiose world discoveries made by true vegetarians make it doubtful. It’s hard to say how many pundits have actually given up on animal protein. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to name the most prominent admirers of this power system.

  • Leonardo da Vinci is a famous mathematician, physicist, naturalist and anatomist, as well as an architect, sculptor, painter, who was rightfully considered an example of the “Universal Man”. He treated all living beings with care, often ransoming them and releasing them. Therefore, he simply could not eat meat.
  • Pythagoras of Samos is a philosopher and mathematician of ancient Greece. He explained his passion for vegetarianism with a simple phrase: “You cannot eat what has eyes.”
  • Plutarch is a philosopher, moralist and biographer of ancient Greece, who firmly believed that “the human mind becomes dull from meat.”
  • Albert Einstein is the scientist who stood at the origins of modern theoretical physics, who won the Nobel Prize in 1921. Being an honorary doctor of the 20 best universities in the world, a member of several Academies of Sciences, including the USSR, he was a true vegetarian. Along with this, he wrote scientific papers, books and articles. A year before his death, he became a vegan.
  • Nikolai Drozdov – Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, host of the program “In the animal world” and a true vegetarian, which he became back in 1970.
  • Benjamin MacLaine Spock is a world-renowned American pediatrician, author of The Child and his Care (1946), which became one of the largest bestsellers in the history of this country. Since its inception, the book has been translated into 39 languages ​​of the world and published in millions of copies several times. In the latest, seventh edition, its author strongly recommends that children of all ages switch to a vegan diet, of which he is an adherent.
  • Benjamin Franklin is a scientist, publisher, politician, freemason, journalist and diplomat who became the first American to be admitted to the Russian Academy of Sciences. A convinced vegetarian who insisted that it was better to spend money on books than on meat.
  • Bernard Shaw is a writer, playwright, novelist and Nobel laureate. In 1938 he won an Academy Award for the screenplay for Pygmalion. A public figure with an active life position, who lived to be 94 years old, until recently he remained a vegetarian with a great sense of humor. At first, he complained about the doctors, who convinced him that he would not last long without meat. And then he summed up that all those who were concerned about his state of health had died long ago. He himself adhered to the principles of vegetarianism for 70 years!

Vegetarian stars

Among avid vegetarians there are actors, musicians, models, TV presenters and real stars of world and domestic show business, namely:

  • Brian Adams is a rock musician, guitarist and songwriter who took the stage back in 1976. Being a staunch vegetarian and not wanting to deviate from his principles, he constantly takes food to his concerts, regardless of the country in which they are taking place.
  • Pamela Anderson is an actress and fashion model who not only adheres to the principles of vegetarian nutrition, but also defends the rights of animals, and also takes part in many charity events. In 1999, she was awarded the Linda McCartney Prize for her proactive attitude towards this nutritional system.
  • Olga Budina is a Russian actress who has long given up meat. According to her, it reminds her of animals that “ran, breathed, fell in love and lived their own lives.” That is why it is impossible to eat them.
  • Laima Vaikule is a singer and actress with over 20 million CDs sold in the USA, Europe and Russia. He is a vegetarian for ethical reasons, as he does not accept the killing of animals.
  • Timur “Kashtan” Batrutdinov is a TV presenter and comedian who admits that being a vegetarian he still wears leather shoes.
  • Richard Gere is a famous actor and staunch vegan.
  • Bob Dylan is a singer, poet, actor and artist who is also a member of the Vegetarian Society of Australia.
  • Kim Basinger is a talented actress who has won Golden Globe and Academy Awards. He is a true vegan and loves animals very much.
  • Madonna is a singer, producer, actress, screenwriter, director and, in combination, a vegan with experience and an IQ level of 140 points.
  • Paul McCartney is a rock musician, singer and composer, one of the members of the legendary band The Beatles. He won several Grammy awards. For a long time, he defended animal rights with his wife Linda. Subsequently, their daughter Stella, a fashion designer who abandoned fur and leather in her collections, also became a vegetarian.
  • Ian McKellen is an actor who has starred in the films X-Men and The Lord of the Rings, author of the article Why I’m a Vegetarian.
  • Bob Marley is a musician and composer who performed reggae songs.
  • Moby is a religiously vegan singer and songwriter.
  • Brad Pitt is a renowned actor and producer who has been a vegetarian for about 10 years. All this time he is trying to instill love for him and his children, and his wife – Angelina Jolie, but so far to no avail.
  • Natalie Portman is an actress and a true vegan since she was 8 years old.
  • Kate Winslet is the star of “Titanic” and an ardent vegetarian who transferred her children to this nutrition system.
  • Adriano Celentano is a vegan and animal rights actor, singer and songwriter.
  • Orlando Bloom is the star of The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Being a vegetarian, he can eat meat, but only in cases when the director requires it during the filming of the next picture.
  • Keanu Reeves is an actor and musician who is also a vegetarian.
  • Uma Thurman is an actress who became a vegetarian at age 11.
  • Steve Jobs – they started talking about him after the appearance on the market of the company’s products “”, Of which he was the founder. Suffering from cancer almost from the age of 20, the famous engineer decided to become a vegan. This allowed him to live much longer than the doctors predicted.

Above are listed only the brightest adherents of vegetarianism. This list is incomplete, however, it contains the names of people who have shown by their example that this food system is not only harmless, but also very useful. True, subject to careful planning of your diet.

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