F – FOMO: why do we think that it is better where we are not


In this issue of The ABC of Modernity, we explain why we are afraid of missing out on various events that we learn about from social networks and how we participate in various events out of fear of being left behind.


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What is FOMO and how it can be dangerous

FOMO is an abbreviation that means fear of missing out – “fear of missing out”. FOMO is sometimes referred to as FOMO. Typically, people experience FOMO when they think they are missing out on valuable experiences, opportunities, or resources. For example, when you see beautiful photos on social networks and think that your life is much worse, or when you watch movies and listen to albums just for fear of being left out of the discussion. People have long been jealous of other people and wanted to be in the know, but with the advent of social media, FOMO has become a fairly common feeling that affects a huge number of people.

Lost Profit Syndrome is not a mental disorder, but it can exacerbate existing mental problems such as depression and anxiety. Also, FOMO can create an addiction to social networks and negatively affect your work and relationships with loved ones. In this case, it is best to contact a specialist to effectively deal with the problem.

Distinctive features of FOMO and how to deal with it

Admitting that you have a fear of missing out is quite difficult. If you can’t take your eyes off the screen, constantly update your news feed, and compare yourself to people on the internet, then it’s possible that you have FOMO. If you were able to identify FOMO in yourself, then you should limit your time online: you can give yourself a “digital detox”, set a limit on applications, and you can also arrange a retreat to recover from burnout and information noise.

It is worth remembering that you are not alone in the fight against FOMO: millions of people around the world share your emotions, and seemingly perfect photos on the Internet are just an embellished part of someone’s life.

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