Eye health: 4 effective methods

In the age of our harmonious “unity” with all kinds of gadgets, the problem of visual impairment becomes especially acute. From young to old – everyone walks the streets, rides in vehicles, wakes up and falls asleep with tablets, laptops, phones.

In the same way, from young to old, a large part of the population uses glasses, lenses and other means to restore the “vision of the world.”

So is it possible to prevent such an unhealthy trend? 

The following statement gives a good answer to this question: “We cannot change reality, but we can change the eyes with which we see reality …” 

Yes, that is right. Change eyes in our power. But this article is devoted to how to do this. 

Measures to improve vision and enhance the beauty of the eyes

There are four of them, and each deserves special attention: 

1. Ayurvedic therapy

This measure is quite capacious and meaningful. The main thing to say here is that depending on the type of eye disease, an Ayurvedic doctor selects individual procedures for you. There is a universal method that is suitable for everyone as a preventive measure – Netra Tarpana or pleasure for the eyes. 

in the area around the eyes, protected by a special mask made from ground black mung bean, collect ghee oil. During this procedure, the eyes must be open. 

It is recommended to perform no more than 5 minutes. This procedure has a beneficial effect on vision and helps to neutralize eye diseases: inflammation of the connective tissue, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, etc. Plus, it also gives an aesthetic result – the eyes become brighter, they seem to glow from the inside. 

2. Ayurvedic preparations

Yes, drugs, but not quite in the usual sense that we are used to understanding this word. It is rather about Ayurvedic natural medicinal recipes for improving eye health and preventing eye diseases. Here is some of them: 

¼ tsp Take turmeric with honey with 1 cup of hot water. 

½ tsp triphala powder + 1 tsp. honey + ½ tsp ghee oils. 

Drink twice a day 20 ml. amla juice. 

1 tsp licorice powder + 250 ml milk.

Take twice a day. 

Daily use 1 tsp. black pepper + 1 tbsp. honey. 

Of course, you should not use all the recipes at once. Choose the most suitable option for yourself and delight your eyes. 

3. Fruits and vegetables for eye health (+ vitamin A) 

One of the best ways to prevent and control vision is proper nutrition. Research confirms that foods rich in vitamins and minerals help maintain eye health. We are talking about antioxidants, they contribute to the maintenance of cells and tissues in a normal state.

And now the answer to the most important question: “What products contain?”

In kale, spinach, turnip/turnip greens, collard greens, romaine lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, corn, sweet peas, Brussels sprouts, red berries, kiwifruit, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, wheat germ, whole grains, pumpkin, walnuts, flax seeds…

This is just a small part of the full list! But, of course, even in it everyone will find something for themselves. 

And, of course, we can’t forget about vitamin A. It also helps maintain normal vision, plus it supports healthy skin, eye and immune system function, and promotes normal growth and development. Vitamin A itself is fat soluble. It accumulates in the body. Plant foods contain carotenoids, which are form A. For example, the well-known beta-carotene. 

Men 19+ – 900 mcg/day

Women 19+ – 700 mcg/day

Pregnant 19+ – 770 mcg/day

Nursing mothers 19+ – 1300 mcg / day 

Well, for example:

8 small carrots (80 g) – 552 mcg

Spinach 125 ml (½ cup) – 498 mcg

Kale 125 ml (½ cup) — 468 mcg

Turnip/Rotabaga Leaves 125 ml (½ cup) – 267 mcg

Red bell pepper 125 ml (½ cup) – 106 mcg

Dried apricots 60 ml (¼ cup) — 191 mcg 

The easiest and most affordable option for obtaining vitamin A is the well-known and beloved carrot! And what, on the shelves of shops it can be found all year round!

There are a lot of recipes for various dishes with her participation! Yes, and a great option for a situation where you just “want to chew on something.” 

4. Exercises for the eyes

Elementary, primitive, requiring only 5-7 minutes a day of exercise. But most of us, in principle, do not think about the fact that they generally need to be performed.

If you are still among the majority, then let’s fix the situation as soon as possible. It is impossible to neglect such an important sense organ.

So, exercises for the eyes: 

What for?

Strengthens the muscles of the eyes, helps maintain existing visual acuity.


Sit on a chair or stand against a wall. Stretch your thumb forward and focus on it without moving your head. After a few seconds, gradually bring your finger closer until you bring it to a distance of 8-10 cm from your face. Repeat 3-4 times. 

What for?

Reduces stimuli in the eyes and brain.


Sit comfortably in a chair. Rub your palms to warm them up. Close your eyes and place slightly curved palms on them. Do not apply too much pressure or close your nose to ensure normal air exchange. 

What for?

Improves all aspects of visual perception.


Sit in a comfortable position for you (you can also do it while standing). Focus your eyes on the center and, starting from it, draw a figure eight with your eyes (both classic and “lying” figure). 

In addition to these exercises, you can draw circles with your eyes in different directions, look up / down, right / left, top right / bottom left, top left / bottom right. 

All of the above ways to improve vision and maintain it in a normal state are completely simple, you see. No need to wait for some serious problems to appear. Take care of your eyes now!

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