Evgenia Guseva and other successful women from Kirov


Evgenia Guseva and other successful women from Kirov

Beautiful, successful, young. Woman’s Day reveals the beauty secrets of famous women from Kirov!

Evgenia is sure – men love with their eyes

Evgenia Guseva, ex-participant of Dom-2, co-owner of the Gusevy brand

“I think beautiful people are always more lucky: they are attracted to well-groomed people. I was born under the constellation of Venus, maybe that’s why I have it in my blood: to look good. When I don’t like myself, the mood immediately deteriorates. In order to get closer to the ideals of female beauty, I underwent breast augmentation surgery. I really wanted to go without a bra: I never understood push-ups. It is impossible to pump up the mammary gland in the gym. At best, you will improve the muscle that holds the chest. Raise a few millimeters – and that’s it, and your back will also become wide.

Women who do not dye their hair, do not extend eyelashes and nails, and at the same time their hair is dull, eyelashes are sparse, nails are exfoliated, they like to say: “I am for naturalness, not for a silicone doll,” as if naturalness is a priori synonymous with beauty. Men still look at the doll, because they love with their eyes ”, – Yevgenia shared her opinion about female beauty in an interview with Antenna-Telesem magazine.

Beautiful people are always more lucky: they are attracted to well-groomed people

Eugenia’s ideal figure is the result of constant work on herself


“It’s a pity that it’s more and more difficult in our dynamic life to find time for sports and doing ourselves. But this must be done, at least for health, otherwise all day long in the car, traffic jams, stress, nerves. After a working day – with Danielchik, and when he falls asleep – to the gym “, – Evgenia shares with her subscribers on the social network.

The ex-participant of “House-2” combines classes in the gym with swimming, hamam, spa procedures.

Elegant chic – the style of Evgeniya Guseva


Together with her husband Anton, Evgenia has already opened 24 Gusevy fashion boutiques across the country, and recently started releasing their own clothing line under this brand.

In everyday life, Evgenia prefers a free style: a businesswoman in her wardrobe includes both business suits and casual clothes. Although Evgenia notes that recently she is more drawn to the classics. In addition, Evgenia is happy to showcase outfits from the new collections of her stores.

But the girl thinks over the images for publication to the smallest detail! She mainly stops her choice on elegant floor-length dresses that emphasize the dignity of the figure.


There should be a place for personal time in the bustle of the work, says Anna

Anna Dobrovolskaya, editor of entertainment programs “Nine TV”, presenter of the weather forecast.

Skin care

“For myself, I have deduced three basic rules. The main thing is to get enough sleep. Although with an energetic rhythm of life, this does not always work out. Still, 7 hours of sleep is necessary for me.

Rule two: drink as much liquid as possible. Better in the form of water. But the coffee drink should not be abused. To be cheerful, I repeat, only healthy sleep will help!


Third rule: personal time! Every day I try to devote myself from 30 minutes to an hour – this is my personal time, in which I can do scrubs (I prefer coffee), masks, face massage. As for the cosmetics itself, I prefer the Mary Kay brand. This is a line of cleansing and decorative cosmetics. Evening makeup for me is most often smoky eyes and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. In everyday life, I like aromas with bitterness and lighter ones.

Smile! After all, kindness and a smile for a woman is the best makeup!


“There is only one secret – every day I devote 15–20 minutes to exercises, and there is nothing difficult in them. First of all, this is the press and warm-up for the waist. I used to be sure that lunch is not an obligatory procedure. Now I am convinced of the opposite. It is necessary to have breakfast, lunch and dinner without fail. And if you lead an active lifestyle, then the calories will disappear by themselves. I work in television, and every day a huge amount of information flows through my ears. And often not always positive. After all, we shoot programs with those people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Stress does its job. When emotions run high, it is impossible to eat a lot during the main meals.



“The new dress is a special atmosphere for me. I approach his choice carefully. I think over to the smallest detail the image as a whole. Much of my wardrobe is custom made according to my sketches. But now there is not enough time for fitting. Therefore, I turn to individual tailoring only on special occasions. I give priority in clothes to dresses. I love feminine clothes and, by the way, now I prefer a loose fit. Firstly, today it is relevant, and secondly, it is comfortable for me. Although there are a lot of dresses in the wardrobe, tailored exclusively to the figure. But different times come and the fashion changes and repeats again. I really love pastel colors and high heels. “

TV presenter advises waking up with the sun

Olga Khonina, author and host of the program “Square Meter” on TNT

Skin care

“Long lying in bed is not for me, so even on weekends I get up with the sun. I drink a glass of water and wash myself with an ice cube made of milk. It gives a quick boost of vivacity and has excellent cosmetic properties: the skin literally begins to shine and a beautiful healthy glow appears. “

Color is my main antidepressant!


“Every morning in the summer I jogged, and with the coming of cold weather I moved to the gym. I really like the feeling of lightness and high spirits that comes after classes, even if before that there was a busy and very difficult day. “


“My main antidepressant is color. There is probably only one black thing in the wardrobe – a cocktail dress, which is considered a must-have for every woman. I love contrasting color combinations and bold color schemes. “

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