Everything you need to know about trendy Asian noodles: types, benefits, features


Asian noodles are used not only in authentic cuisine: they began to cook it in Ukrainian restaurants and in ordinary kitchens on a par with ordinary pasta because of its healthy composition and quick preparation.

What types of Asian noodles are there?

Egg noodles

This is a traditional Chinese side dish. The noodles have a light yellow hue, a rich taste and a composition that is easy to digest. Egg white or yolk can be used separately in such noodles.




Quite thick noodles, but very soft. Udon is prepared from water, salt and flour. The noodles are very neutral in taste so as not to spoil the taste of the sauces and additives with which they are usually served.



The noodles are based on buckwheat flour, and therefore have a unique, pronounced taste with a nutty aftertaste. Also goes well with Asian sauces. Natural soba does not contain wheat flour, which means it is considered gluten-free. It contains more vitamins and is low in calories, and therefore is suitable for dietary nutrition.

Spinach noodles

This noodle contains spinach, which gives it its pleasant green color. Spinach noodles go well with vegetables and seafood.



These are bean noodles, which are called transparent or cellophane, because after boiling, they change their color and become almost invisible in water. It contains mung beans, which is why frunchoza has an interesting taste. Not only can noodles be soaked or boiled, they are delicious deep-fried.

Soy noodles

These noodles are prepared with starch, which is obtained from soybeans, as well as with the addition of water and salt. Soy noodles have the familiar, distinctive taste of soy. Its low calorie content and high protein content make it especially beneficial for athletes.


Rice noodles

The noodles contain rice flour, the pasta is white. To make rice noodles, simply soak them in hot water. Due to its neutral taste, it is combined with various additives, and is also used for preparing salads.

Benefits of noodles

Each type of Asian noodle is unique and healthy in its own way. They are united by their low calorie content and easy digestibility. The most useful is rice noodles, which are rich in vitamins B and E, and also do not contain gluten. Despite this, it is very nutritious. Asian noodles are great for those with digestive problems, as all types are able to normalize the functioning of the digestive tract. 

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