Erection problems – it could be the fault of the prostate


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Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of prostate disease. Men visit urologists too rarely, and when they do, it can be too late.

Prostate, which is a prostate or prostate gland

Prostate, prostate or prostate are different names for the same male organ. It is about the size of a chestnut and surrounds the urethra. The prostate gland secretes fluid which, together with the sperm cells, forms sperm and makes it more fluid. It worsens with age and although this is a natural process, it can sometimes limit the urine flow.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is so common that it is said that if men lived long enough, all men would experience it. Slight enlargement of the prostate already occurs in many men over 40 years of age, and in over 90% over 80 years of age. Benign enlargement of the prostate gland increases its size, which can sometimes lead to a narrowing of the urethra, which in turn obstructs the outflow of urine. Meanwhile, urinary retention can cause serious kidney and bladder diseases. Another problem that affects the prostate is prostatitis.

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Inflammation of the prostate gland

Chronic prostatitis is a common complaint of men. Inflammation can cause more frequent, sometimes painful, urination. These symptoms may be accompanied by fever, pain in the lower back or in the groin, perineum and testicles. Inflammation can also reduce interest in sex, or achieve or maintain an erection for as long as it is needed for a satisfactory intercourse. Acute prostatitis is less common, but the symptoms are much more severe.

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Both types of disease – acute and chronic prostatitis – can easily be mistaken for lower urinary tract infections.

Do not be afraid of the urologist

During a visit to the urologist – in addition to ordering blood tests – the doctor checks whether the prostate gland is enlarged. Examination of the prostate with a finger through the rectum is embarrassing for many men, although – as urologists emphasize – completely unnecessary. Self-treatment with prostate medications advertised on TV or on the Internet without consulting a doctor can be dangerous. A patient who does not seek the help of a doctor may lose the chance of early detection and treatment of serious diseases.

Other commonly used test methods are ultrasound of the prostate gland and biopsy. The prostate ultrasound scanner has a finger-sized probe that is inserted into the anus. A prostate biopsy is performed through the rectum or through the perineum with the help of an ultrasound probe through which a biopsy needle is inserted. It takes small pieces of tissue that are sent for microscopic analysis in the laboratory. The results of the test will enable the doctor to diagnose prostate diseases.

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Prostate treatment

Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia consists primarily of the observation of symptoms and imaging changes in the prostate gland. Slowing down the disease can be achieved by making lifestyle changes (exercise, diet). More than 40% of men with mild to moderate symptoms experienced improvement with this method. Appropriate medications are introduced with more bothersome symptoms. Sometimes a surgical intervention may be needed – incision or removal of the prostate. Today, minimally invasive methods are also available, such as destruction of excess prostate tissue with a laser or microwave thermotherapy. The choice of method depends on the patient’s age, the size of the enlarged prostate, the degree of annoyance, etc.

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Antibiotics are often used to treat inflammation of the prostate caused by infection. Because it is not known what causes prostatitis other than infection, it can be difficult to treat. Prophylactically, it is worth using On the prostate – a natural herbal mixture for him Lorem Vit, available at a promotional price on Medonet Market.

Prostate cancer

Cancerous tumors of the prostate can block the flow of urine and, if left untreated, attack other parts of the body. For many men, prostate cancer grows slowly without causing problems until it has spread beyond the prostate gland. It happens, however, that in some it develops faster. It is important to diagnose it early in its development, assess its aggressiveness and treat it before it spreads. Asymptomatic course of the disease in the initial stage and unjustified resistance to preventive examinations cause that every year about 4 Poles are dying of this disease. The only method of detecting it are preventive examinations. Doctors agree that men over 50 should be examined by a urologist at least once a year.

Erection problems – personalization of treatment

Prostate cancer can be treated with surgery, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Prof. Andrzej Borówka, head of the Urology Department of the European Health Center in Otwock, says that prostate cancer is a very diverse and heterogeneous disease. Therefore, the method of therapy should be selected individually, taking into account not only the stage of disease advancement, comorbidities, the expected biological age of the patient, but also which method of treatment the patient is able to accept.

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