Energy diets

Energy Diet (ED) is a system of functional balanced nutrition, presented in the form of concentrates with a variety of flavors. The main purpose of the technique is the regulation of metabolism, which allows not only to lose, but also to gain weight.

Perhaps the main dilemma faced by every slimming is how to eat properly, in order to lose extra pounds without losing vigor.

Currently, the list of express diets to combat obesity is extensive. Often when choosing a method of losing weight, a person faces difficulties (contraindications to the use, allergies, monotonous diet, intolerance to products). Therefore, in the process of selecting the optimal nutritional system, it is necessary to focus on the state of health, food addiction, body characteristics, availability of free time to create low-calorie dishes.

Accelerating, with every year, the rhythm of life complicates the process of losing weight. The creation of low-calorie healthy food in modern man lacks neither time nor energy. Given this fact, the modern food industry has many options for “ready-made diets.”

The most popular is the product of the brand of functional food NL International Energy Diet. The company, for 15 years, sells environmentally friendly household chemicals, healthy food products, cosmetics in more than 12 countries of the world.

Let us consider in more detail what Energy Diets are, how to drink Energy Diet to lose weight, a description of the method of weight gain ED.


ED is food for life. Unlike most methods (for example, the protein diet of Ducan, Malysheva, Maggi) Energy diets are intended for systematic use throughout life, since the concentrates have a balanced composition that has a beneficial effect on human health. Namely, it tones up muscles, saturates the body with useful substances, strengthens blood vessels, lowers the level of “harmful” cholesterol, normalizes bowel function, adds energy / strength.

Homeland dry mixes ED – France. The first version of the product was put into mass production in 2003. Over the next four years, the line underwent changes: aspartame was excluded from it, the “water” basis for preparing mixtures was replaced with “milk”, “solid food” appeared – scrambled eggs, enzymes were added, guarana was removed, new flavors were developed – “pea soup”, bread, creme brulee.

Already to 2010g. Energy diets cocktails spread across the territory of Portugal, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, France, Germany, Canada, and Kazakhstan. The period of intensive global expansion is accompanied by the emergence of new flavors: “bread with a paste of tomatoes”, “wild berries”.

In 2010 a special project “Across the oceans with Energy Diet” starts in Mauritius, the essence of which is the round-the-world trip of Anatoly Kulik’s team on a catamaran, with ED food supplies. During the swimming period, the volunteers ate 200 cans of diet formulas. Most of them were products with cappuccino, scrambled eggs, and mushrooms flavors.

In 2014 passed the marathon “We accept extra pounds”, which lasted 2 months. The purpose of the competition is to test the effectiveness of the use of Energy Diet products. After 60 days, the results of losing weight exceeded all expectations: during this period, participants lost 987 kg.

Release 2013. made up the taste – “banana”, 2014g. – “oatmeal”.

The composition of the concentrates includes the necessary for the life of the body substances: vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals.

To prepare the dish, add the 1,5% milk to the mixture and stir it to a uniform consistency using a shaker.

Despite the low calorie content of dry mixes (up to 250kkal / portion), energy diet creates a feeling of satiety, facilitating weight loss.

The ED line includes:

  • sweet cocktails – Xnumx;
  • oatmeal;
  • soups – 5 species;
  • bread with pasta “Wild berries”;
  • creme brulee dessert;
  • omelet;
  • a complex of enzymes that improve the digestion and assimilation of ED cocktails.

A wide range of “ready meals” allows you to vary the dietary intake. The standard set of Energy diets includes 17 concentrates. If desired, cocktails can be combined with permitted vegetables, red fruits (we will discuss the permissible ingredients in detail in the “ED Weight Loss Program” section), mushrooms, and chicken, getting new flavors.

On the official website of the Company, Energy diet products are available in a wide range directly from the manufacturer. A detailed description is attached to each of them: composition, advantages, principle of preparation, cost, energy value, certificate of conformity.

The distribution of ready-made cocktails and mixtures for weight loss is carried out by the trademark Energy Diet – BeautySane.


On average, one serving of ED per milk is 200kcal. The balanced formula of mixtures provides easy assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and the abundance of fiber in ready-made cocktails creates an instant feeling of satiety.

The Energy Diets weight loss program is a specially developed nutritional scheme that changes the rhythm of food intake, which leads to an optimization of metabolism and replenishment of scarce food components. As a result, this system triggers a weight loss mechanism.

The principle of weight loss according to the ED method is a sharp decrease in the number of incoming calories per day. The Start program allows you to use up to 1500kkal per day. At the same time, during the day, the energy expenditure of a person to perform everyday tasks is 2700kcal. As you can see, the negative balance is 1200kkal. To replenish it, the body extracts the required amount of energy from adipose tissue, due to which weight loss occurs. When burning 200g. Fat occurs “release” 1300kkal.

Ingredients Energy Diet

  1. Proteins (animal and vegetable). Depending on the type of formula, they are made from soy protein isolate or milk concentrate. ED slimming shakes contain 18 essential amino acids. At the same time, the body does not independently produce tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, threonine, and valine. In case of a lack of amino acids, protein formation slows down, which leads to a deterioration in enzymatic and metabolic functions.
  2. Carbohydrates (maltodextrins, dextrose, starch) help to avoid feeling tired.
  3. Fats. The main source of ED triglycerides is soybean oil, which acts as a natural antioxidant – a storehouse of vitamin E, which inhibits the development of cancer cells.
  4. Enzymes accelerate the breakdown of Energy Diet products, improve digestion, and relieve the stomach.
  5. Acerola, royal jelly. Caribbean cherry is a storehouse of vitamin C (800mg/100g), which has a healing, regenerating, antioxidant effect. B vitamins, organic acids, testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, protease, phosphatase, cholinesterase, amylase, glucose oxidase, ascorbine oxidase, acetylcholine, potassium, sodium, calcium, nickel, cobalt, chromium, iron, manganese, zinc , magnesium, sulfur, silicon increase the body’s resistance, improve mood, increase cerebral blood flow, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  6. Vitamins and minerals. Concentrates include 12 vitamins, 11 minerals. The content of macro and micronutrients in one portion of the dry mixture (30g) is: iodine – 39mcf.m./mcg.p.m., mh.p.m./mg.d.
  7. Cellulose (inulin from chicory, gum from fruits of container), has antislag effect, normalizes the work of the intestine.

Due to the fact that Energy Diet has a balanced composition, this weight adjustment system can be used as sports nutrition to prepare athletes for competitions.

The impact of energy diets on the body

Taking into account the feedback from manufacturers, Food for Life is a high-tech product that contains all the nutrients necessary for the full functioning of the body in each serving. However, the “ready-made cocktail method”, like any diet, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Effects and the whole truth about Energy Diet

  1. Changing food habits. ED allows maximum control of the diet. Daily reception of one serving of the finished product (200ml) for breakfast or lunch contributes to the restructuring of taste habits, reducing cravings for sweet, flour, fried, development of a sense of responsibility for eating food.
  2. Weight correction. Depending on body weight, the line of Energy diet concentrates allows you to both gain and lose kilograms. If you use ready-made cocktails instead of regular food, you can reduce weight up to 10 kg in a month by burning fat. If there is in addition to the usual diet – increase by 5-6 kg, due to the rapid gain in muscle mass due to the abundance of protein and amino acids in ED products.
  3. General health of the body.
  4. Ease of use. Ready-made meals Energy Diet can be used at home, at work, on a business trip, while traveling. Due to this, this diet is shown to people who have a shortage of free time to create low-calorie diets. One can of ED is designed for 15 meals, which is especially convenient for travelers.
  5. Improve digestion. Regular intake of ready-made mixtures has a beneficial effect on the human body: products are easier to digest, the metabolism is accelerated, the work of the intestine is normalized.

During the entire period of losing weight with energy diets, it is important to daily analyze the dynamics of changes in body weight: perform measurements of body volumes, be weighed. For convenience, the results should be entered in a table consisting of the following columns: date, weight, hip circumference, waist.

When the first indicators appear, the motivation will increase, and the movement to the goal will become much easier.

Product Disadvantages

Developers of ready-made meals position the ED system as a technique for healthy people. However, the composition of cocktails with the flavors of “Cappuccino”, “Coffee” includes guarana extract, which exceeds the drink of the same name in 3 times in caffeine content. When using such concentrates, people with heart diseases have side effects: tachycardia, shortness of breath, dizziness. Therefore, in the presence of acute or chronic diseases, the appropriateness of using these mixtures must first be discussed with a nutritionist.

Contraindications for using Energy Diet 24:

  • violation of enzyme synthesis;
  • exacerbation of enteritis;
  • colitis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • pathology of the digestive tract, pancreas, kidney;
  • acute gastritis;
  • dysbiosis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • allergic to components that make up dry mixes;
  • insomnia;
  • heart failure;
  • metabolic syndrome.

Given the above contraindications, with extreme caution you need to use energy shakes in children, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Cons Energy Diet:

  • high price;
  • monotonous menu;
  • the complexity of the acquisition due to the absence of an extensive chain of stores;
  • intrusive marketing;
  • the need for physical activity;
  • the presence of chemical additives in the concentrate;
  • the need for a long reception of cocktails (from 3 months to 1 year).

Before using the products of the ED line, it is necessary to analyze what the “harm and benefits” of ready-made cocktails are. To do this, it is important to get the opinion of nutritionists.

Doctor’s comments

The quality of Energy Diet products is confirmed by the results of many research centers. In 2011, more than 20 samples of this food were transferred for independent expert evaluation to the Soeks analytical center of ANO Soyuzexpertiza CCI (Russia). The obtained tests confirmed the feedback of doctors about the correct combination of the main ingredients of the mixtures: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The ratio in the Energy Diet bju, on average, is 19,5: 6,0: 17,8, and in a serving (30 g of dry powder) – 1,0: 0,31: 0,91. These figures may vary depending on the particular taste (17,8-20,9:5,8-6,4:16,1-25,1).

Marina Tsirenina, Ph.D. in Chemistry and head of the Soeks Center, notes the literacy of creating the “fat” component of the concentrate. Such ingredients are identical in composition to substances that are added to infant formula. In addition, there are no transgenic additives in cocktails, which are often formed during the hydrogenation of fats.

Sources of the protein component of the mixture are soybeans and legumes. Research by the Soeks expert center refuted the negative reviews of some people about the presence of genetically modified components in products. Due to the predominance of protein in mixtures, Energy cocktails have a low calorie content and high nutritional value.

However, despite the positive results of the obtained tests, there are also negative reviews among physicians. For example, some nutritionists are convinced that in the process of processing food raw materials, beneficial essential substances are separated or destroyed.

The subject of attention and numerous disputes among nutritionists is the issue of insufficient knowledge of the Energy Diet products. According to skeptics, functional nutrition refers to concentrates only if it is possible to demonstrate their positive effect on a particular function of the body and provide strong evidence that supports this relationship. For this reason, critics argue that losing weight with energy diets is a hoax. However, the numerous reviews of physicians and reports of older people testify to the effectiveness of this diet (for 12 months, weight loss is up to 35 kg).

Medical practice proves that with regular use of ED products (at least 2-x times a day for a year), the metabolism normalizes. Due to this, during this period, under the guidance of a doctor, hormonal preparations can be halved, with diabetes mellitus type 2, pancreatitis, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, and hypertension.

Understanding that Energy Diet is not an alternative to food, but the addition of useful nutrients to the main menu will be the key to normalizing weight and healing the whole body.

Useful tips for use

Today, every second person is convinced that success in losing weight directly depends on the intensity of physical exertion and the correctness of the choice of diet. However, modern nutritionists point to a number of subtleties that will help accelerate the loss of extra pounds.

  1. Do not skip breakfast. It is important to understand that the products of Energy Diets are intended only for enriching the daily diet with nutrients, and not for its complete replacement. For breakfast, it is important to eat healthy carbohydrates, which are necessary for the body to produce energy.
  2. Follow the rules of fractional nutrition. The Energy Diet Cleansing Program provides for calorie restriction rather than food intake. Therefore, it is advisable to eat food every 3,5 hours, supplementing the menu with functional nutrition. Compliance with these recommendations will help stabilize blood glucose levels, suppress hunger, and maintain high energy production.
  3. Snack cocktails Energy Diet. Products important to prepare immediately before use. As a snack, you can use: fruit bars or cocktails, with the flavors of Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Oatmeal. Classic drinks – tea, coffee – are best replaced with pure water.
  4. Properly store functional products. The shelf life of an open can is 2 months. The mixture must be stored at a temperature 5-25 ° С.
  5. Distribute calories. When losing weight, it is important to control the energy value of the food consumed. As a rule, the calorie content of the product is indicated on its label. For example, one serving of porridge or cocktail contains 200 kcal, and the recommended energy value of the food eaten per day should not exceed 1500 kcal, which is especially important at the first stage of “Start” weight loss. With the help of calorie tables of products presented in the network, you can easily balance your daily diet. In the lunch menu at the stage “Fastening” you can include protein foods (eggs, veal, cheese, cheese, turkey), side dishes (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal) , legumes (beans, peas), honey, rye bread with high energy value (up to 600 kcal).
  6. To enhance the saturation effect, in 15 -20 min. after drinking a cocktail, drink a glass of water at room temperature.
  7. Take food at one time.
  8. Observe drinking regime during the day (from 1,5l water).
  9. Increase physical activity in order to accelerate fat burning. For this, it is important that at least 3 once a week conduct intensive workouts in the gym, ride a bike, swim, take long walks (during 40 a minute).
  10. In the period of fixing the result, in addition to the use of Energy Diet supplements, you can include lean meat, cheese, dairy products, cereals or their analogs in the daily diet.

Thus, eating the program “Energy Diets” and following the above recommendations, you can achieve the desired weight loss, minus 25 kg or more for 1 a year.

Energy Diet Slimming Program

The ED line is an artificially created functional food based on natural ingredients for fast preparation of dietary dishes. The mixture for weight loss and weight gain contains dietary fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which are designed to stabilize body weight as soon as possible, improve your body shape and enrich the body with beneficial nutrients.

On average, you can get rid of 4-6kg for a month of using Energy Diet products, but the duration of metabolic recovery directly depends on your health and can range from 10 to 180 days.

Lose weight with Energy diets in three stages.

  1. Program start. At this stage, weight loss occurs due to a sharp decrease in caloric intake. Cocktails, cereals, soups, ED omelets, which should be consumed five times a day, replace regular food.
  2. Consolidation of the results. The second stage of weight loss involves the gradual introduction of the usual dishes for breakfast and lunch, while afternoon tea, dinner and snacks make up the cocktails from the concentrate.
  3. Weight control and stabilization. The third stage is the transition to constant nutrition to consolidate the result and maintain it over the next 1-3 years. The control stage involves the daily use of Energy diet products instead of dinner and as snacks – fruits throughout the day.

Consider each stage how to lose weight with the help of Energy Diet in detail.

Step No. 1

Program start – the first step to the ideal weight. The duration of this stage depends on overweight. If the excess weight does not exceed 10kg – it is 3 days, 11kg and more – 5 days.

Daily daily caloric intake during the “start” varies from 1200 to 1500kkal, and weight loss – 0,2kg due to fat burning. During the first stage, all meals (5 once a day) are replaced with Energy Diet products (200ml / portion).

In addition to the use of ready-made cocktails, cereals, soups, it is allowed to introduce 400g into the daily diet. allowed vegetables. These include: cauliflower / white / seaweed, mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkin, leafy beets, eggplant, bell peppers, green bean pods, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, onions, sorrel, broccoli, dill, bell pepper, asparagus, sprigs of celery, green radish, soybean shoots, spinach. Preferably, the vegetables are raw, but they can be cooked: cook, stew. In the case of preparing a salad or mashed potatoes, it is allowed to season the dish with lemon juice (2-3 tsp) or apple cider vinegar (1 tsp).

The main condition for losing weight according to the ED method at the “Start” stage is daily drinking 2l of drinking water. It is allowed to drink weak black, white, green, herbal tea or coffee with a low content of caffeine (up to 1,2%). It is strictly forbidden to add sugar to the drink; it should be replaced with non-caloric sugar substitutes (cyclomate, saccharin, stevioid, sucralose, stevia herb).

Program start, instructions on how to drink Energy Diet for every day.

  • breakfast – Energy Diet cocktail, for example, with the taste of “Red Fruit” or “Cappuccino” – 1 portion (200ml);
  • second breakfast – ED cocktail, for example, “Chicken” – 0,5 servings (100 ml);
  • dinner – vegetable salad from tomatoes, tomatoes, spinach, seasoned with lemon juice – 200g, “Omelette” or “Soup”, made from concentrate Energy Diet – 1 portion;
  • afternoon tea – ED cocktail, for example, “Vanilla” – 0,5 servings (100ml);
  • dinner – salad of white cabbage, onion, sweet pepper, dressed with apple cider vinegar – 100, Energy cocktail diet, for example, “Mushrooms” – 1 portion.

After the 5 days, the first results of losing weight will be visible. The main difficulty in ending the “Start” program is not to return to the usual high-calorie diet. During this period, it is especially important to pay attention to vegetables and greens, which allow you to satiate the body with useful biologically active substances and quench the feeling of hunger.

Step No. 2

The main goal of the second stage of weight loss according to the ED system is to consolidate and improve the result, it ensures a smooth transition from the “old” weight to the “new”, stabilizes the metabolism. If at the end of the program “Start” to return to the usual diet, dropped pounds will return back.

The duration of the “Fixing” phase depends on the weight: the phase lasts until the ideal body weight is reached. On average, it is 3-5 weeks.

Important conditions of the second stage of energy loss diet are:

  • eating regular meals 1-2 once a day;
  • drink plenty of liquids (at least 2l of water per day);
  • Reception of products of the ED 1-2 line once a day;
  • The last meal is 2-3 hours before. before sleep;
  • dinner must be a cocktail;
  • inclusion in the daily diet of protein foods (fat-free cottage cheese – 150g, eggs – 2pcs, boiled fish or poultry – 150g, lean beef or veal – 100g, low-fat cheese 9% – 100g, seafood – 150g), vegetables from the program “Start”.

Consider how to properly use the products of the Energy Diet line at the “Fixing” stage.

  • breakfast – casserole – 150, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice or corn porridge – 200;
  • second breakfast – ED cocktail, for example with Strawberry flavor – 0,5 servings;
  • lunch – vegetable soup – 150 ml, protein food – 100 g, for example, boiled turkey fillet, salad of stewed zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper – 100 g .;
  • afternoon snack – ED cocktail, for example with Chocolate flavor – 0,5 servings;
  • dinner – ED cocktail, for example with Tomato flavor – 1 serving.

Due to the presence of protein and carbohydrates in the diet, the second stage of weight loss is a balanced diet, which allows you to maintain good health and continue to lose weight.

If there is an attack of hunger, it is recommended to “unscheduled” use an energy cocktail in the amount of 100ml (0,5 servings). After 20 minutes, drink a glass of water or unsweetened tea, which will enhance the saturation effect.

Step No. 3

Taking into account the fact that food addictions are dictated by psychological dependence, and not by feeling of hunger, the main purpose of the third stage of weight loss is ED – controlling the diet and fixing the habit of proper nutrition.

At this stage, there is a reassessment of the body’s needs and an understanding comes in how to eat properly, in order to maintain healthy lifestyles and how to replace the usual harmful ingredients that lead to obesity.

The duration of the “Control” stage is determined based on the weight dropped. It is calculated as follows: each lost kilogram for the previous two periods (“Start” and “Fixing”) corresponds to one month of the final phase. For example, if the total weight loss during the 2 phase was 5 kg, the duration of the third stage will be 150 days.

The minimum duration of this phase is 3 month.

The “Control” system allows for the consumption of protein products and vegetables permitted in the previous two stages. In addition, the menu includes fruits (apricots, strawberries, raspberries, apples, grapefruit, pears, blueberries, black currants, pineapples, plums, peaches, kiwi, oranges), carbohydrates (unpolished rice, cereals, lentils, dry beans, buckwheat , oatmeal, pasta).

Thanks to a balanced diet, in the process of losing weight, the body will receive active substances, minerals, vitamins necessary for the full functioning of the internal organs.

The key condition of the final phase is the use of the ED product for dinner instead of the usual dish.

Consider how to take a slimming cocktail to consolidate the effect and stabilize body weight.

  • breakfast – pumpkin or oatmeal with nuts – 200g., bread with bran – 2pcs, honey – 2.l. or any other familiar dish that was used before the diet;
  • the second breakfast – a grapefruit or an apple – 1;
  • lunch – chicken broth – 150ml, vegetable stew – 200г., veal fillet – 150г .;
  • snack – fruits – 300g. (from the list of valid);
  • dinner – ED cocktail, for example with the taste of “Mushrooms” – 1 serving.

During the entire period of weight loss, it is important to exclude the use of confectionery and bakery products from the diet. If you wish to eat sweets, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, it is recommended to drink a low-calorie cocktail with a taste of “Vanilla” / “Chocolate” / “Cappuccino”, which is an alternative food for sweet teeth. Its energy value is 331kkal / 1394kJ to 100g. product. The composition of the cocktail includes natural caffeine, which compensates for the lack of energy in the body.

In addition, it is important to abandon meat of fatty varieties, limit the intake of the following carbohydrates with a high glycemic index: bread, semolina, white rice, pasta.

Cocktail principle

Currently, there are more than 17 flavors of concentrates: two types of mashed potatoes, six sweet cocktails, bread with two types of pasta, creme brulee dessert, scrambled eggs.

Preparation of dietary mousse from a dry mixture does not take much time, it is enough just to mix one measuring spoon of powder (30g) with 200ml of milk (hot or cold if desired) 1,5% fat. The resulting cocktail to bring to a uniform consistency. The total caloric content of the resulting mousse will be 200kkal.

Consider how to cook other dishes from the Pro Energy Diet line.

  1. Omelette. First of all, you need to whip in a shaker 200ml milk and 30g. concentrate. Then pour the mixture onto a pre-heated pan and bring to readiness within 5-7 minutes.
  2. Porridge. Slowly mix the 150 ml of milk and 1 with a spoonful of concentrate so that there are no lumps. Next, place a plate of porridge in the microwave for three minutes. After the specified time has elapsed, extend the dish, mix, cover and allow to infuse for 10-15 for a minute.

Calorie cocktails are calculated based on their preparation on the basis of milk 1,5%. In the case of concentrate dilution with vegetable broth or kefir, not only the taste of the dish changes, but also its energy value, which is very important to control during the period of weight loss.

Official suppliers of ready-made food: France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, England, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Ukraine.

Body Mass Set with Energy Diet

Manufacturers of supplements, in addition to weight loss programs, have developed a special Energy Diet method for weight gain, called Plus. The specificity of this diet is to add functional foods to the usual diet.

Weight gain tips.

  1. After each meal, drink Energy Diet.
  2. For the preparation of the cocktail, use whole cow milk, 3,5 fat content – 9%.
  3. Add high-calorie fruits (banana, avocado, grapes, persimmons) and dried fruits (dates, dried apricots, figs) to the finished mousse. Full replacement of Energy Diet with these fruits is unacceptable.
  4. The daily rate of drinking non-carbonated water should be at least 2l.
  5. To increase lean body mass you need to perform strength exercises.
  6. Duration of sleep in the process of weight gain should be at least 8 hours.

One portion of the protein – carbohydrate mixture contains 200 kcal. Repeated reception of cocktails to the main menu provides an additional increase in calories in the amount of 1000 – 1500 kcal.

When using this food, you can gain the missing kilograms (up to 15kg per year) and enrich the body with vitamins, microelements, essential amino acids. However, to convert calories into muscle, not fat, it is necessary to exercise.

If you follow these recommendations, gaining weight with the Energy Diet program will not be difficult. As a rule, an increase in body weight occurs intensively, but the rate of gaining the desired kilograms gradually decreases. For example, in the 1st month, weight gain is, on average, 4 kg, in the 2nd – 3 kg, in the 3rd – 2 kg, etc. At the same time, on average, body weight increases by 12-15 kg.

Energy Diet for children

Taking into account the fact that Energy Diet concentrated nutrition is created on the basis of the physiological needs of adults, it is contraindicated to use these mixtures for children younger than 3. However, insufficient intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a growing body leads to abnormalities in the physiological development of the child. For this reason, 1-2 portions of ED functional nutrition can be entered into the teens daily menu.

At the same time, it is important to discuss the advisability of using the Energy Diet for children aged 3-5 years with the attending physician. For a child, the daily norm of a protein mixture is 1 serving. In this case, the dose of the product should be divided into 3-4 meals.

In the process of acquisition, often the question arises: what taste to choose for the crumbs? Favorite food for children of preschool age are Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Wild Berry, Vanilla, Oatmeal cocktails.

It is important to bear in mind that caffeine is present in the composition of Cappuccino and Coffee drinks, which harms the growing body. Therefore, it is better for children under 16 years of age to refrain from consuming such products. Babies 3 – 5 years old, due to the lack of the necessary enzymes in the body to break down the product, it is unacceptable to feed with a mixture of “Mushrooms” containing freeze-dried fruits.


Can Energy Diet for Pregnant Women?

Yes. ED products in terms of qualitative and quantitative composition meet the needs of the expectant mother in nutrient nutrients. As a rule, 30 mg of calcium, 320 μg selenium, 16,50 mg potassium, 540 mg phosphorus, 165 mg magnesium, 45 μg iodine, 39 mg beta beta-carotene, 210 mg vitamin E and 3 mg ascorbic acid are present in the dry mix 25 g. Forbidden products – drinks containing caffeine – “Coffee” and “Cappuccino”. However, it is advisable for pregnant women to consult with their doctor before using the Energy Diet.

Can Energy Diet products cause allergies?

These concentrates, like any food, can cause a negative reaction of the body. To prevent the emergence of food intolerance, before drinking cocktails, it is important to carefully examine their quantitative composition. If you find an ingredient for which there is an allergy, the drink is excluded from the daily menu.

Is it permissible to use Energy Diet when breastfeeding?

Studies show that during lactation a woman has a change in the hormonal background of the body. In addition, in some conditions of infants, an increase in the concentration of nutrients in the mother’s breast milk is unacceptable (for example, if there is a risk of premature closure of the fontanel in a child, it is harmful to use foods containing calcium). Therefore, introducing Energy Diet products into the daily diet of a nursing woman is important under the strict supervision of a pediatrician.

Are there any Energy Diet flavors that lack milk proteins?

Today, NL International produces lactose-free mixtures – “Tomato”, “Vegetables”, “Red Fruits”. These products contain vegetable proteins. At the same time, egg protein is present in the Omelette supplement.

Are there any substances in the Energy Diet that are not acceptable for athletes to use during the doping control?

Not. Functional food does not contain prohibited stimulating ingredients and their metabolites. According to research conducted at the Anti-Doping Center in Moscow (Russia), Energy Diet products are approved for use by athletes during the preparation for the competition. Relevant quality certificates can be studied by visiting the manufacturer’s official website.

What is the intestinal cleansing mechanism of Energy Diet?

The composition of useful concentrates include natural dietary fiber, which when ingested, promote the binding of toxic substances. Due to this, mechanical cleaning of the intestines, normalization of digestive processes and activation of the body’s defenses takes place.

Does the Energy Diet preserve nutrients during processing of raw materials?

To create functional mixtures, natural ingredients and modern high-tech equipment are used. The raw material for ED is subjected to special sublimation, in which its residual moisture is no more than 5%. This method of treatment eliminates the likelihood of favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic bacteria. The use of high-speed drying machines allows you to avoid additional methods of sterilization: ionizing radiation and heat treatment. Due to this, 90% useful nutrients are stored in concentrates. Each functional mixture undergoes strict quality control before being sold and receives a certificate of compliance with European standards.

How to use to lose weight, Energy Diet, while not giving up the usual food?

The most effective weight loss option is a specially designed three-stage program, which involves the partial replacement of familiar dishes with ready-made cocktails. When cleaning the body, it is important to minimize the amount of fatty and carbohydrate foods.


Using the products of the Energy Diet line allows you to adjust weight (gain or lose kilograms), improve metabolism, develop, root the correct eating habits, learn to control and optimize the diet, enrich the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, get rid of harmful products from the menu (fried, spicy dishes, smoked meats, confectionery), to develop a schedule of meals.

Before starting to lose weight by the ED method, in order not to worsen the state of health, one should be examined for the presence of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, cardiac activity and obtain the permission of the attending physician.

Lose weight with Energy Diet without daily visits to the gym and giving up your favorite foods!

We are waiting for reviews and photos of our readers before and after the passage of the Energy Diet program.

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