Egg powder

Egg powder is made from fresh chicken eggs. The contents of the eggs are mechanically separated from the shell, pasteurized and dried by fine spraying with hot air.

Egg powder in a dry form, it is stored longer than eggs, does not form waste, is easy to store, retains the physico-chemical properties of eggs and is cheaper.

Egg powder is often found in the composition of bread and pasta (!), culinary and confectionery products, sauces and mayonnaises, pates and dairy products.

Despite the fact that egg powder manufacturers claim that it is safer than eggs and does not contain salmonella, cases of contamination of the product with these bacteria are sometimes found.

salmonella multiply with extraordinary speed outside the refrigerator, especially at 20-42 ° C. The most favorable for them is a humid, warm environment.

Symptoms of salmonellosis may practically not appear, or they will be noticeable after 12-36 hours: headache, pain in the abdomen, vomiting, fever, the most common diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. The disease can develop into arthritis.

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