Dropped half their weight: how thin is Chelsea Gould

In 2017, Chelsea Gould from the Scottish city Kamerad weighed 115 pounds. Then she could not independently tie shoelaces and constantly suffered from shortness of breath. But the girl was able to pull herself together, change her lifestyle, and lose half of her weight.

According to Gould, she began stress-eating because of setbacks in her personal life, preferring fast food and takeout. A year on Lunches from fast-food restaurants plaid spent about 10 thousand pounds.

When she decided to lose weight, she had to completely give up bad food and then sign up for the stomach’s surgical reduction.

Before surgery

After the operation, Gould abandoned fast food and tried to eat only healthy food. For Breakfast, she eats cereal with milk, an afternoon snack salad with meat, and eats chicken with vegetables.

Dropped half their weight: how thin is Chelsea Gould

Before and after weight loss

At 24-years old, she lost 57 pounds of excess weight, started a new relationship, and married. “It’s been incredible to lose so much weight and wear a wedding dress,” said Chelsea.

Be well.

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