Do you believe in unconditional love?

Love is a secret experience in the life of every person. She is a powerful embodiment of our emotions, a deep manifestation of the soul and chemical compounds in the brain (for those who are prone to the latter). Unconditional love cares about the other person’s happiness without expecting anything in return. Sounds great, but how do you get that feeling?

Perhaps each of us wants to be loved not for what he (a) does, what heights he has reached, what position he occupies in society, what he works with, and so on. After all, pursuing all these “criteria”, we play love, rather than feel it for real. Meanwhile, only such a beautiful phenomenon as “love without conditions” can give us the acceptance of another in his difficult life situations, mistakes made, wrong decisions and all the difficulties that life inevitably presents us with. She is able to give acceptance, heal wounds and give strength to move on.

So, what can we do to learn how to love our significant other unconditionally, or at least come closer to such a phenomenon?

1. Unconditional love is not so much a feeling as it is a behavior. Imagine the state in which we are completely open with all the joys and fears, giving the other all the best that is in us. Imagine love as a behavior in itself, which fills its owner with an act of bestowal, giving. It becomes a miracle of noble and generous love.

2. Ask yourself. Such a formulation of the question is unthinkable without awareness, without which, in turn, unconditional love is impossible.

3. Lisa Poole (): “There is a situation in my life that I am not very “comfortable” to accept. My behavior and reactions, although they do not interfere with anyone, do not meet the interests of my development. And you know what I realized: loving someone unconditionally does not mean that it will always be easy and comfortable. For example, your loved one is in an illusion or confusion about some situation, trying to avoid it in order to get away from the discomfort in life. The desire to shield him from these feelings and emotions is not a manifestation of unconditional love. Love means honesty and sincerity, speaking the truth with a kind, gentle heart, without judgment.”

4. True love starts with… yourself. You know your own shortcomings better than anyone else and better than anyone else. The ability to love yourself while being aware of your imperfections puts you in a position to offer similar love to another. Until you consider yourself worthy of being loved unconditionally, how can you truly love someone?

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