Diet “1-2-3” from the German nutritionist. Allowed almost all


Diets are not for everyone: someone painlessly tolerates food deprivation, and for someone, it is hard enough to restrict themselves. There is good news for last: the German nutritionist Marion Grillparzer developed the formula to eat everything and lose weight. She believes that if not to limit the body, it will get rid of the excess.

The principle of the diet

It is necessary to strictly adhere to the formula “1 — 2 — 3”:

  • 1 portion of carbohydrates. In the form of pasta from durum wheat, rice, and potatoes
  • 2 parts protein
  • and 3 pieces of vegetables, apples, citrus, and berries.

The diet works like this: the first two days you spend on the water, tea, green smoothies, and warm vegetable soups. You can then go to three times day diet, eating 600 grams of the food every time. Snacking on vegetables between meals is acceptable.

When you do this three times a week, carbs for Breakfast or dinner must be avoided. The idea is to get a 16-hour fasting window in the eating.

Diet “1-2-3” from the German nutritionist. Allowed almost all

Yes, not to all

However, Marion Grillparzer says that the diet “1-2-3” allows you to eat everything, which is a bit disingenuous. Some of the “omnivorous” diets will have to be excluded, for example, soft wheat, cheap vegetable fats, sausages, and soda.

Diet “1-2-3” from the German nutritionist. Allowed almost all

What to expect from the diet

Grillparzer says that a diet in which a person is not hungry will start to work after 4 weeks. Those who will add to it at least slightly more physical activity than usual will be much faster to start losing weight.

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