dementia: how to avoid

Risk factors for developing memory impairment:

– low physical activity;

– low level of education;

– smoking;

– arterial hypertension;

– increased cholesterol;

– diabetes;

– obesity;

– depression.

Symptoms of memory impairment:

– difficulties with counting operations;

– loss of memory for current events;

– disorders of mood and behavior;

– violation of orientation;


– violation of daily activity;

– Difficulty finding words when speaking.

Helpful tips for preserving memory:


– read new information every day;

– after watching films and programs, mentally scroll through them in your head from beginning to end. Remember the names of the actors;

– when you go to the store, keep the shopping list in your head, not in your pocket;


– think only about what you are doing at a given time;

– memorize all the necessary phone numbers;

– at the end of the day (not at night!), Remember all the events of the day;

– try to remember birthdays, important dates, daily schedule;

– get a notebook for your favorite facts, ideas, links, quotes;

– solve sudoku;

– complete math assignments for preschool children.

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