Crazy love – 15 weird traditions


It has long been known that love is a disease. Everyone is sick with this disease, as they say, both old and young. Strange, but true – love drives crazy not only individual individuals, but even entire nations.

Wife dragging championship

A whimsical annual “wives dragging championship” takes place in the Finnish village of Sonkaryavi. Men from all over the world take part in it, of course, only with their partners. Competitions are for a man, as quickly as possible, to overcome various obstacles and reach the finish line – with a partner on his shoulders. The winner receives an honorary title and as many liters of beer as his companion weighs. Well, at least you can drink beer, if, of course, come to the finish line first.

A whale tooth as a gift. It’s not easy for you to “answer a tooth”

Compared to this gift, even a diamond ring pales. In Fiji, there is such a custom that a young man, before asking for the hand of his beloved, must present it to his father – a real whale tooth (tabua). Not everyone will be able to dive hundreds of meters under water, find the largest marine mammal in the world and extract a tooth from it. As for me, I can’t even imagine how it should “secure” a marriage so that I chase the whale across the seas, and then also remove his tooth ..

Steal the bride. Now this is easier, but better than removing a tooth from a whale

In Kyrgyzstan, it is believed that tears are very conducive to family happiness. Therefore, many parents of kidnapped brides gladly agree to a union. In other words, since he was able to steal a woman, it means a real horseman, brought the girl to tears, now you can get married.

Parting Museum

In Croatia, in the city of Zagreb, there is an interesting museum dedicated to the severance of relations. In his collection there are various souvenirs and personal items that people left after the breakup of love relationships. Every single thing carries in itself a special romantic story. What can you do, love is not always a holiday, sometimes it can be sad too ..

Unsullied reputation of the bride

In Scotland, it is believed that the best preparation for family life, oddly enough, is humiliation. Therefore, on the day of the wedding, the Scots throw a snow-white bride with various missing products, all those that can be found at home – from eggs to fish and jam. Thus, the crowd fosters patience and humility in the bride.

Love locks

The tradition of hanging locks on bridges, symbolizing the strong love of a couple, began after the publication of Federico Moccia’s book I Want You. An all-out “epidemic” began in Rome, then it spread throughout the world. Often, the locks are signed with the names of the couple in love, and when the lock is attached to the bridge, the key is thrown into the river. True, this romantic tradition has given rise to a lot of trouble for municipal services lately. In Paris, the question of removing the locks is already being considered, due to the threat of the environment. Moreover, in some cities there is even a danger of bridges collapsing, and all because of love, and of course, because of the weight of the castles themselves.

Crazy love – 15 weird traditions

Grab a couple

This tradition is relatively young, spread exclusively among the Roma. From the crowd of people, a young gypsy needs to pull out a girl he likes, and sometimes this happens by force. She, of course, can resist, but tradition is tradition, you will have to get married.

Salty bread

Young Armenian women on the day of St. Sarkis eat a piece of salted bread before going to bed. It is believed that on this day, an unmarried girl will see a prophetic dream about her betrothed. The one who brings her water in a dream will become her husband.

Broom jumping

In South America, there is a tradition according to which newlyweds arrange jumps around a broom, symbolizing the beginning of a new life. This rite came to them from African Americans, whose marriages during slavery were not recognized by the authorities.

Love and tree

If an Indian girl was born at the time when Saturn and Mars are in the “seventh house”, then she is considered cursed. Such a girl will bring only one trouble to her husband. To avoid this, the girl needs to marry a tree. And only by cutting it down, she will be freed from the curse.

Groom’s battered feet

There is an old tradition in Korea that a young man who wants to get married is tested for endurance. On the night before the wedding, the groom was beaten in the legs with reed stalks and fish. I’ll tell you, Asians are crazy. The guy just wants to get married, and his fish, but on the legs ..


Wedding in a neighboring state

In England in 1754, young people under the age of 21 were not allowed to enter into official marriages. However, in the neighboring state of Scotland, this law did not apply. Therefore, everyone who wanted to get married at an early age simply crossed the border. The nearest village was Grenta Green. And even today, annually, more than 5 couples tie the knot in this village.

Curvy bride

Some girls try to lose a few extra pounds before the wedding. And the girls of Mauritania – on the contrary. A large wife, for a Mauritanian, is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and prosperity. True, now, because of this, most of the women are obese.

Crazy love – 15 weird traditions


Toilet ban

The Borneo tribe has some of the most gentle and romantic wedding ceremonies. However, there are also the strangest traditions. For example, after a young couple has tied the knot, they are prohibited from using the toilet and bathroom in their parents’ home. This tradition is constantly monitored.

Ritual tears

In China, there is a very interesting tradition, before the wedding, the bride is supposed to cry properly. True, the bride begins to cry a month before the wedding. She spends about an hour sobbing every day. Soon, her mother, sisters and other girls of the family join her. This is how marriage begins.

The most unusual wedding traditions that still exist

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