Construction of the Animal Rescue Center, or How good triumphs over evil

In November last year, the second stage of the project was launched, and the leaders plan to build a warm postoperative hospital. In February, walls and windows were put up here, and the roof was covered. Now the next step is the interior decoration (screed, floor heating, electrical wiring, sanitary spillway from the enclosures, front door, wall plastering, etc.). At the same time, the Center continues to provide assistance, sterilize and accommodate. According to the curators, it will be possible to treat “difficult” animals after the construction is completed, when the Center will have the appropriate equipment and conditions for nursing.

“It is an amazing feeling when you see how something good and necessary is born thanks to many people whom you don’t even know, but you understand that you have common values ​​​​and they think the same way as you,” says the head of the regional public organization “Human Ecology” Tatyana Koroleva. “Such support inspires confidence and gives strength. Everything will definitely work out!”

About pets

In this article, we decided to write less and show more. Pictures often speak louder than words. But we will still tell one story, because we want to share this with the world. It all started near the city of Kovrov, Vladimir Region, and ended in Odintsovo (Moscow region).

On a sunny spring day, the local boys went to the river. They were fooling around, laughing out loud, telling the latest news, when suddenly they heard someone whimpering stifledly. The children followed the sound and soon found a dark plastic garbage bag in a swampy part of the river near the water. The bag was tightly tied with a rope, and someone was moving inside. The children untied the rope and were stunned – towards their rescuers, rolling from side to side, squinting from the light, jumped out eight tiny fluffy creatures that looked no more than a month old. Rejoicing at freedom and whining already at the top of their voices, they pushed each other aside in search of human protection and affection. The boys were dumbfounded and delighted at the same time. What will the adults say now?

“Puppies are also children!” the boys and girls argued with conviction, parrying the “reasonable” arguments of their parents that there were already too many living creatures in the village. One way or another, but children’s perseverance prevailed, and it was decided to leave the puppies. For a while. The animals were housed under an old shed. And that’s when even more amazing things began to happen. Children who until recently quarreled with each other, loafed and did not want to know anything about such a concept as responsibility, suddenly showed themselves to be smart, disciplined and reasonable individuals. They organized a watch at the shed, fed the puppies in turn, cleaned up after them and made sure that no one offended them. Parents just shrugged. How suddenly their fidgets turned out to be able to be so responsible, united and responsive to someone else’s misfortune.   

“Sometimes a child sees something that the hardened soul of an adult does not notice. Children are able to be generous and merciful, and appreciate our most important gift – LIFE. And it doesn’t matter whose life it is – a person, a dog, a bug,” says Yulia Sonina, a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Center.  

One way or another, eight creatures were saved. One baby children managed to find the owner. Nobody knew what to do with the rest of the family. Puppies grew rapidly and scattered around the village. Of course, some residents didn’t like it. Then the parents also decided to join the common cause. They went to the Animal Rescue Center in the Moscow region, which at that time had the opportunity to attach the kids. The animals endured the long journey from Kovrov quite tolerably, and how they then rejoiced at the spacious enclosure.  

“This is how a common cause brought together and brought together so many people and showed the children that together you can achieve a lot. And the main thing is that good still triumphs over evil, ”Julia smiles. “Now all eight kids are alive, healthy, and everyone has a family.”

This is such a wonderful story. Let them be more!


In appearance, Guy is a mixture of an Estonian hound and an Artois hound. It was picked up by our volunteer Svetlana: the dog, most likely, got lost and wandered through the forest for a long time in search of people. But he was lucky, the dog did not have time to run wild and become very thin. After a rehabilitation course, Guy found a new home and a sports family, where he leads an active lifestyle, as befits all beagles 🙂


Vitochka and his brothers and sisters were born and lived in garages. For some time, their mother took care of them, but when the kids grew up, they began to interfere with the residents. I had to send the puppies for overexposure, where they still live. Some of them were built, and some are still looking for a home. So if you need a devoted friend, contact the Center!

Astra is looking for a home

After an accident, Astra’s front paw does not work, she really needs caring and loving owners.

Phoebe is home

Frankie also found a family

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