Centers of Consciousness: Instinctive Center

Surely almost all of our readers have heard of such a concept as “chakra” – this is the part of ancient Eastern philosophy that is especially popular today. Unfortunately, as the general interest grew, this ancient knowledge began to be interpreted by everyone in its own way, as a result of which some confusion was born that could prevent the theory from being applied to life.

It turns out that there is an equally ancient, but much less widespread theory about the centers of consciousness, which has its roots in the teachings of the Sufis., and brought to the West by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. I suggest you get acquainted with this mystical knowledge, and also make the most of it: learn to diagnose the state of your centers and develop them, if necessary.

So, what are the centers of consciousness? These are energy formations in the human body that are responsible for certain processes, states and qualities. Roughly speaking, on the energy plane, we do not have one brain that controls everything, but five (main). And if one of the centers does not function for any reason, then that part of our life for which it is responsible is also in painful desolation. But everything will become clearer as you study. Today we will talk about the instinctive center of consciousness. And further in each publication we will study one center.

The instinctive center of consciousness is responsible for the internal work of our body, natural instincts, for our ability to adapt and survive. It is called the “root of life”, because thanks to its work we live. The projection of the center in the physical body is the coccyx zone. Important psychological qualities that he gives are thrift, thoroughness, punctuality, perseverance, orderliness. People who have this center as the leading one carefully monitor their health, honor and observe religious and family traditions, like to plan, strive for stability and are often conservative. People go in for sports to improve their health and live long, and not for the sake of sports victories. By the way, this center is directly related to longevity.

It is easier for “instinctive” people to keep what they have acquired – whether it be money, love, fortune or information. If they went to a concert of their favorite band and got a charge of vivacity there, they are able to feel it for a very long time. The money earned will be spent sparingly and is likely to multiply. If they started a project, they are able to work on it without losing interest for many years, developing it and investing their efforts. It is these people who are able to remain faithful and be devoted to their partner throughout their lives. Family, procreation are paramount issues for them.

A person with a developed instinctive center, most often, is provided with everything necessary in material and emotional terms. He has his own place to live, a stable job, enough money (there is always a supply), usually a family (often a large one), friends and social connections.

Due to their perseverance, representatives of the center are able to perform small and monotonous work. It is easier for them than others to complete the tasks and move towards the goal in small steps. Their model of success is daily hard and patient work, which in the end will certainly lead to an outstanding result. It is important for them to do things in order, according to a predetermined plan, at a prepared workplace.

Deficiencies, as a rule, appear when other centers are not developed, and a person looks at the world only through the instinctive center. Then he can be unnecessarily categorical, pedantic and importunate. Health care can become hippochondriacal. May be overly materialistic and ignore the spiritual side of life. The world can be divided into “ours and not ours”, and people who are not related to the family will be perceived as strangers and not cause empathy. Also, if the center works “for seven”, a person may have too many fears, they will contribute to excessive hoarding (five refrigerators and a bunch of trash “just in case”), isolation from the outside world (three-meter fence) and dependence on people, things , the opinions of others.

If more than 50% of the answers are negative, and there are also diseases characteristic of a damaged instinctive center (any chronic and severe diseases, diseases of the legs, hemorrhoids, diseases of the bones, spine, infertility, insomnia, fear of death, neuroses), perhaps you should work on development instinctive center. This work will help develop such useful qualities and skills as: the ability to bring things to an end, do your job at the highest level (taking into account all the little things), wisely manage your time, effort, capital (which you will also learn to increase). You will become more punctual, you will have a “flair” and intuition will develop. You can become more reliable, earn the trust of others. And, importantly, you will feel protected: the center forms the basis of our life in the form of stable relationships (both in the family and in society), a stable financial situation and stable health. 

So, in order to develop the instinctive center of consciousness in yourself, you need to consciously behave as people behave in whom this center is well developed:

Gait. Try to walk slowly, stepping on the whole foot.

Breath. Devote a few minutes a day to breathing in which inhale-hold-exhale-hold are equal to each other.

Food.Try to love the taste of simple foods and enjoy them: boiled potatoes, bread, milk, dishes and drinks traditional in your area.

Special products.Chyawanprash, royal jelly, “phytor”, ginseng root.

Classes.The center is especially well developed by such types of activities and creativity that require perseverance and diligence: embroidery, beading, knitting. Any work on the ground is useful: gardening and landscaping. Pay special attention to the preparation of the workplace and the order on it, it’s good if everything is in its place. Do any business slowly, thoughtfully, as diligently and accurately as possible.

Daily routine and planning.The daily routine associated with natural cycles (early rise and going to bed) develops the center. Pay special attention to the daily routine and planning – both daily and long-term. Learn to keep a diary, make a daily plan, lists of purchases, receipts and expenses.

Connection with nature.Any communication with nature, with the Earth will contribute to development. Walk barefoot, have picnics, go out of town. Observe nature in all its manifestations: animals, plants, time of day, seasons.

Family and kind.The psychic center opens when we communicate with loved ones, spend time together. Set tables and invite relatives, call up more often. The energy of the center will be passed on to you by representatives of the older generations, showing them respect and respect, we are filled with the power of the center. It is also very important and useful to honor the memory of departed relatives, observing the traditions of commemorating the dead, making up a “family tree”, telling the younger ones about the fate of your ancestors.

Sport. Choose activities that have a positive effect on health – swimming, walking, yoga, easy running. Exercise regularly.

Music. Center develops ethnic music. Low sounding instruments – bass, drums, jew’s harp, didgeridoo.

Practice and meditation.Spontaneous dances to ethnic music (including dances on the “lower tier” of space, the dance of the “Earth”). Meditations on connection with the inner animal, connection with the family, prayers for the family. Concentration during meditation in the zone of the center (coccyx area), breathing of the center (see above). 

Good luck with your development of the instinctive center! Next time we will talk about the sexual center of consciousness, which is responsible for the pleasures in our lives!

Anna POLYN, psychologist.

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