Caution, heat: what to drink to surely quench your thirst



Hot weather leaves no chance: you constantly want to drink, you absolutely do not want to eat, you lose fluid and replenish it in different ways – there is no fantasy. How to quench your thirst in the heat of summer so that moisture is of maximum benefit?

To begin with, measures should be taken so that the loss of fluid is not catastrophically large or, on the contrary, everything that we drink in the heat of thirst is not delayed. To do this, on hot days, you should exclude alcoholic beverages, do not overeat in excess, do not abuse salty and sweet foods, eat more raw vegetables and drink only healthy drinks. What will bring the maximum benefit?



The most important drink in the summer heat. Choose non-carbonated mineral water, because when we lose moisture, we also lose useful minerals, the supply of which is difficult to replenish. You can add citrus juice to the water to taste – lemon, grapefruit or orange. Such water is useful because it does not contain sugar, unlike juices. Drink water often and in small portions, literally quenching your thirst a little.



In hot weather, green tea is preferable. It is not necessary to drink it hot, it is allowed from warm to ice cold. Like water, drink green tea in small portions. Black tea has warming properties, and coffee quickly removes water from the body and also flushes out minerals and salts. Tea made with mint or lemon balm will have an additional cooling effect.


The most summer drink, and we are talking about homemade kvass, and not about carbonated drinks from the store. Each housewife has her own recipe for making kvass, because of its sharp taste and useful additives, it will perfectly cope with thirst.

Fresh Juice

Juices will help to get the necessary vitamins in the heat, reduce hunger, cheer up and add variety to the diet. Purchased juices are insidious because of the added sugar and preservatives in them, so they do not cope well with the task. Summer harvest is generous with fruits, vegetables and berries, take advantage of this.


If sugar is not added to the compote, then this drink is quite useful. In order to preserve as much vitamins as possible in the compote, you should turn it off as soon as the berries boil in the water and let it brew. So that they give all their juices. Add mint or currant leaves, chill the compote and drink throughout the hot day.


Fermented milk drinks

Such as ayran, tan, katyk. They can be mixed with mineral water, or you can use them yourself. Often such drinks are not as acidic as kefir, for example, and therefore perfectly quench thirst, and help the digestive system.

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